Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ten Things on the Last Day of September

1. The puppers poses. I've never had a pet that posed before and it's pretty fun. She actually seems to enjoy having her photo taken. We took a trip last weekend to our favorite fall farm stand to pick up chrysanthemums and pumpkins for the front porch. I always put this off far too long, so I am pleased to have the porch all ready for fall so early in the season.

2. It's kind of dark in the morning now, so sometimes if I think of it I light a candle, and that always makes me really happy. Rose insisted we get a couple of white mini pumpkins, and I am glad. I like how they look on the table.

3. But I also had to get some classic orange, because I love how they look lined up on the mantel. 

4. Rose is slowly copying out "The Year" poem from First Language Lessons Level 2, just like all of her siblings did before her. Eventually she will have a little book we can put together. She is planning to illustrate it, too.

5. We finally got around to doing some science experiments. James is working through TOPS Electricity and Rose is using Science Activities to focus on magnet experiments. Here, she experimented with iron filings on top of a piece of cardboard, by sliding a magnet around under it. The results are pretty interesting and she played with the magnets and filings for quite some time.

6.  We watched our first episode of "Our Night Sky from" The Great Courses, and I was very pleased with it! We learned about the constellations, some of the mythology behind them, and how to use the planisphere included with our package. We used the planisphere during our eclipse watching session and Grace was able to identify several constellations with it.

7. Rose is working on the second week of Writing Strands 2 this week. The first assignment was to gather items from around the house. She chose a piece of money from Costa Rica, a pencil, a rock, and a piece of sea glass. Then she practiced writing about her chosen objects in a sentence: "On the table there is a rock, a pencil, a piece of sea glass...." Seems like such a simple thing, but very effective - and fun! This writing program is working very well for us right now.

8. Poison ivy - it is not fun. I always thought I was immune to poison ivy, since we've had it in the yard for years and I've never had any problems with it. Apparently I am not immune to it. Really, really not immune to it. I'll spare you a photo of my super itchy, red legs that took me into the doctor this morning for a prescription that hopefully will make sleeping through the night possible. Fingers crossed.

9. In a second piece of non-fun news, we are going on about 10 days of someone being sick in this house. It's nothing terrible, just a bad cold that is slowly making its rounds. It appears to be finally wrapping up, lucky me being the last to get it. I had pretty much no voice for the beginning of this week, so read-alouds were sparse. Today I was able to read aloud to everyone and it was so nice. Made me remember how much I enjoy this part of my day!

10. Christopher is learning about gerund phrases in Analytical Grammar. I was a bit nervous when I saw we were due to start this, because I don't really do AG with Grace, she just reads and teaches herself. I do check her work though, and once she hit gerunds I started seeing all these strange-looking sentence diagrams and I was not looking forward to explaining them to Christopher (who does not do AG independently). It is going surprisingly well though.

And tomorrow is the first of October already!

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  1. Glad the Great Courses is going well for you. And it looks like a lot of other things are working out well too!

    I was like that with poison oak. Never got it, despite exposure, and then when I did, I got it from head to toe.


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