Monday, September 28, 2015

Our Nighttime Sky Observing Kick-Off

I had been feeling guilty, because here we are five weeks into our new school year and we had not managed even one observing session for Grace's astronomy study. Either it is raining, or cloudy, or most recently, someone is sick! But we could not pass up the opportunity to see a total lunar eclipse...even those of us who were still sniffling. We even identified a few constellations while waiting for the moon to turn dark. I could not have asked for a better kick-off to our observing sessions.


  1. It was pretty amazing, wasn't it? It got Cyrus re-interested in astronomy. what do you think of the self-teaching guide? I'm still considering getting it for him.

  2. Grace is doing great with it. She was a little put-off at first at the math in it, but I had her slow way down and actually do all the questions out on paper and she is getting a lot out of it. It is set up kinda "workbooky" with text, then questions to answer, more text, more questions... and a self-test at the end of each chapter. But I think it's effective - and it's cheap! Plus there aren't a whole lot of options out there for astronomy, at least for this age.


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