Sunday, September 20, 2015

Homeschool Moments: Getting Going With Art

Just a few moments and thoughts from our last week or so of homeschooling...

I decided to take advantage of an 80% off catalog sale on The Great Courses. I purchased Our Night Sky to use with Grace this year. We haven't tried it out yet, but I'll post my thoughts once we do. I was very impressed with the quick shipping and with the fun box, which is decorated with interesting quotes and facts. I really hope that we enjoy this GC, because there are lots of other ones that look good.

Rose has been learning about linking verbs in First Language Lessons 2. A recent lesson asked her to make a paper chain to illustrate what a linking verb does. Naturally, she chose chocolate for her noun. She is definitely my girl.

James and I are slowly finishing up Writing with Ease Level 3. We just started week 33. I am not sure yet if I will have him do WWE4, especially after reading through Susan Wise Bauer's updated writing recommendations. I am so glad that I got WWE back out for him, even though I thought he might be too old for it. I have noticed a big jump in his ability to narrate a passage and to remember his dictations. WWE is an awesome program!

Art has been happening on Friday mornings and we've gotten through a few lessons in each level of Artistic Pursuits we are using. Rose was sick Friday and is still working on her lesson, so I don't have a picture of that yet.

James did two with Grace from the pastels book

 And he and Christopher did a lesson from the from the middle grade drawing can see how thrilled our cat is to be chosen as a subject. The object was to fill your paper with your subject.


Grace did a couple of lessons from the pastels book. I went out and bought some hairspray as suggested in the manual to keep their art from smudging, and it really worked well.

Our sweet puppers modeled for that last one!

Rose finished her first week of Writing Strands. She is enjoying it so far. For her first assignment she was to write simple sentences about an object. The lesson said to write about a pencil, but I let her choose her own object to make it a bit more interesting. The idea was to practice adding information to simple sentences, then to combine that information into one longer sentence. Very simple, and very effective at this age! I haven't been using Writing Strands very long, but so far I am a fan.

That's all I photographed this week, I hope to capture more learning moments this coming week.

Till next time!

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