Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ten Things

Ten random things for this August - can you believe it is August already? I, for one, cannot.

1. Our summer has been too busy. At first, it felt like a good busy, but I have not been feeling great about the end of summer approaching. Usually by this time I am excited about jumping into a new school year and getting back into a routine...this time around, not so much. I feel like I am still waiting for my summer break to begin, and I think it's because we have just been too busy. Pondering if there is something different we can do to make next summer feel better.

2. We just got back from an awesome trip to the coast of Maine, one of my most favorite places in the world. The week was all about beaches, blueberry eating, seafood dinners, sunsets, hiking, mountain views, reading, and just hanging out. Perfect.

3. We got a puppy! Oh, she is a cutie. Tons of fun. She is very new and still settling in, but so mellow. I hope she stays that way. She's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

4.  Garlic! I think we have about 40 heads of it this year, all hanging up in our little barn to dry. It should be ready to store this week. We do not grow enough garlic to eat all year, but it does last us for a few months, and the flavor is so much nicer than store-bought. I am planning a much smaller garden for next year, but we will still grow garlic for sure. 

5. Homeschool planning is underway. I placed all of our curriculum orders this week, much later than I normally do. Grace and I worked together to come up with a daily routine, which I feel we really need this year. It needs a bit more tweaking, but I will post it soon.

6.  I officially have three kids in the orthodontist loop now - James had his first appointment this week. Thankfully, they don't plan on doing much except re-checking him for a couple of years. Also thankfully, Grace has her final re-check scheduled for next month. I spend so much time at the orthodontist that I should have my own room there.

7. I have started planning out the kids' extracurricular schedule, figuring out what can fit where and when, and how to juggle pickups and drop-offs. We are keeping to a strict one activity per child rule this year, but some of those activities meet more than once a week. Rose is doing gymnastics, James rock climbing, Christopher tennis, and Grace horseback riding. That, in addition to a monthly book club and a weekly trip to the rock gym with their Dad, will keep us busy enough. I am trying to resist the temptation to add to it.

8. I added a few more books to my reading list, mostly books I read over vacation. I do love a nice light suspense tale for vacation.

9.  We are slowly making our way through House of Cards on Netflix. I have decided I can really only keep track of one television show at a time through Netflix, otherwise I just can't remember what is going on!

10.  We have made it a goal to try every kind of Klondike bar our supermarket carries this summer. This is one goal that I think we will actually meet. We have Oreo in the freezer right now, with two more to try after that. Our favorites so far are mint chocolate chip and Neapolitan.

I'll be back soon with some updates on our homeschool planning. Happy August!

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