Monday, August 17, 2015


Planning for next school year is officially underway, though finding time to do it as the kids head into another busy summer week has been difficult.

 My master list:

1. Make up a calendar to follow - done!

2. Finish deciding all curriculum and place orders - done!

3. Decide how often each subject will be done - done!

4.  Purchase supplies - this year we need new pencils, folders, notebooks and notebook paper, binders, and some art supplies - done!

5. Come up with a routine for our day, including what subjects to focus on each day and how school work can fit into the rest of our life - in progress-

6.  Sign up for extracurriculars and fit those into our routine, add all dates (practices, special events, first and last days, etc...) to calendar - in progress-

7.  Clean off shelves and restock with this year's books.

8. Set up a crate for our math block and our language art block. I'm trying out a different daily routine with these subjects, more on that soon.

9. Make up weekly checklists for the first week.

10. Start! I am planning to start our new year next Monday, but we'll see how it goes.

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