Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Last Minute Changes

 I have been working on updating our curriculum page, because I made a few last-minute changes while ordering materials for our new school year. I always seem to make these last minute changes, usually when I realize I have too much planned and need to streamline a few things.

This is what I changed.

For Rose - It isn't really a change, but I forgot to mention that she and I will be continuing with our Five in a Row studies this year, probably still taking two weeks or so to "row" each book. You can see the books we have already rowed here. Our first book of the new year will be Night of the Moonjellies, which I was very sad to see is out of print.  For math, I decided not to continue with Miquon because it has just been too much of a struggle with her. Instead, I ordered Teaching Textbooks 3. She is only second grade, but I feel like TT runs behind other programs (James started TT5 in 4th grade), so I am hoping it will be okay. Teaching Textbooks has been a real lifesaver around here for my non-math-loving kids. The last change I made was to add in Artistic Pursuits for her. We already own K-3 Book 1, so we will alternate projects from that book with Mark Kistler lessons.

For James and Christopher - No big changes, but I plan to give them the option of alternating Mark Kistler with Artistic Pursuits ( I have Book 1 of the grade 4-6 books). For music, they will listen to Music Masters CD's because we own several and have never used them.

For Grace - I decided to have her study Art of Argument with Christopher instead of doing her own logic program. Much easier for me! Even though The Well-Trained Mind recommends AoA for younger kids than Grace, Classical Academic Press says it's for middle and high school students, so I'm going to go with that. I chose to drop Bravewriter's Help for High School (though it does look good) in favor of having her try Writing Strands 5, which looks much easier to use. I also decided to skip a separate art history program in favor of having her do Artistic Pursuits (which includes a bit of art history). She will also listen to the Music Master's CD's.

You can see exactly what I plan to use with the kids for the 2015-2016 school year on my curriculum page.

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