Sunday, July 19, 2015

Ten Things

Ten things we have been doing during our staycation week

1. Eating ice cream out and about and at home, because ice cream has always been a major part of our summers. Our new love is waffle bowl sundaes at home. I don't know how I never bought waffle bowls until this summer - but they are so good loaded up with ice cream, a little chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry.... I could eat them all summer.

2. Healing a hurt finger (Rose's) that got accidentally slammed in the car door. Several days later she still has some bruising and swelling, but thankfully the pain is mostly gone, and she is back to practicing handstands in the living room.

3. Finishing one book and starting another. We have been out and about a lot lately, and one of my very favorite things this week has been reading in bed after a long, busy day. Bliss.

4.  Swimming in the the pool, at the ocean, and at the river. At least the kids have been swimming. I have been mostly wading. The weather has been warm, but the water is cold!

5.  Picnicking at the river and at the beach. I bought two sets of Bento Lunch Boxes for the kids to take to camp and  boy, do I love them! On picnic days I just set out a bunch of options...sandwich makings, fruit, cheese, olives, crackers, pretzels... and everyone puts together their own box.

 6.  Spotting wildlife - we saw a bald eagle! Rose spotted him flying overhead and thought he was a hawk, but we noticed the white head and tail feathers. Sure enough, he landed in a tree and we were able to photograph him on digital zoom and see that he was clearly an eagle. Then we noticed there was already an eagle in the tree. Two eagles! We were pretty darn excited.

7.  Seeing movies - we saw Minions, which was good, but I much prefer my Minions in Despicable Me, one of my all-time favorite movies. At home we watched The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader with the kids, and The Grand Budapest Hotel and Small Island without the kids.

8.  Picking raspberries, every other day, if  not every day. We have so many raspberries right now. We are eating them on cereal, on pancakes, in waffle batter, but mostly just by themselves.  I also made up two batches of raspberry freezer jam.  Freezer jam is my new favorite kind of jam because it is so much less work than canning and I am lazy like that.

9.  Riding the rides at Six Flags with the kids' Read to Succeed tickets. We were lucky and got a perfect day - not too hot, and not too crowded. Rose rode a big roller coaster for the first time and immediately wanted to go on again. I have to force myself to do one roller coaster per year, because I like to be able to say that I did, even though they pretty much terrify me. I am very proud of myself this year because I went on a coaster that goes upside-down.

10.  Spending time on our new favorite summer hobby- jigsaw puzzles! We put together a whiskey one...kind of an odd choice maybe, but it was a Father's Day gift.

And then we put together the 1000-piece White Mountain Puzzles Candy Wrappers- this one was tons of fun!


We are back to somewhat of a regular routine this coming week. Among other things, Grace is volunteering at horse camp, Rose has gymnastics, and I am still trying to get the kids to finish up some school work. Christopher should finish his BookShark reading and math this week. Grace has a bit more reading to do, James and I need to finish Swift Rivers, and Rose and I are going to keep plugging away at The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading. We have been failing miserably with the library's summer reading program, but I hope to make it in this week. This summer has been far busier than I am used to, but I am trying to roll with it. Another couple of weeks and Rose will have some time off from the gym, we have a vacation by the ocean planned, and then a quiet week (with a new puppy!), before one last week of summer camp and starting our new school year. Whew!

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  1. I so agree about reading in bed at the end of the day -- bliss!


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