Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ten Things

It is hard to find time to blog lately, because our summer has been so very busy. Monday mornings just don't work for my usual Monday musings posts, but I find myself missing them. Since there's no particular reason rambling only has to occur on Mondays, here are ten things going on around here right now.

1. We have so many garlic scapes! Not that I'm complaining; they are a short-lived thing after all. All of ours are clipped and in the fridge, and we are getting more each week from our farm share. We are putting them on Italian bread to make the best garlic bread ever, sauteing them for a pasta topping, adding them to white bean dip, and (my favorite) making garlic scape pizza.

2. The garden is growing well, but oh, my is it weedy! I have just not been able to find enough time to get out there this week, except for a few minutes here and there to snip a few things for dinner. I am hoping to find some time over the holiday weekend. It really, really needs it. The raspberries are starting this week, which is always super exciting.

3.  Speaking of busy....our new summer schedule started this week and it has really thrown me for a loop. Part of the issue is that I really love to have a routine and it has been impossible to come up with a regular one for this summer.  Rose has four mornings a week at the gym until the end of July. Grace is volunteering several weeks at her barn, and is doing a week of camp at a veterinary hospital. So the girls are very busy and need dropping off and picking up each morning and afternoon. James and Christopher have a much quieter summer planned, with a week of day camp for James and a few days of tennis clinic for Christopher. I am very relieved my boys wanted a more laid-back summer - I don't think I could handle it otherwise.  I am putting a lot of miles on my car each day driving everyone around. The first few days felt way too hectic, but I am slowly getting used to it. August should be much quieter, thankfully.

4.  Except that in August we are getting a puppy! More on this later, I am sure. For right now, Puppies for Dummies has a permanent spot on the living room table.

5. I am using Rose's gym time to exercise, since we need to be out of the house too early for me to exercise first thing in the morning. I can take a nice walk right from the gym, so I am very grateful for that. I plan to bring the boys along at least once a week to walk with me or play tennis at a nearby court. This week they opted for tennis, and it was really nice hanging out with just the two of them. Silver linings.

6. I pretty much can never watch a whole movie, unless it's with the kids. I am just too tired at night to make it through more than an hour of movie watching. Right now, we are watching Boyhood without the kids. It will take me 3 nights to get through, and I feel pretty pathetic admitting that. I took the kids to see Inside Out last week, and we all loved it.

7.  I am reading Ashenden, and very much enjoying it. I have always had a bit of a thing for big, old houses, so this book is right up my alley. Rose and I are reading Ramona's World  at bedtime, and Still More Stories from Grandma's Attic in the afternoon. We are thoroughly enjoying both.

8.  We are still getting a bit of schoolwork done each week. I have some things I would like to get wrapped up over the summer, but fitting them in has been a challenge. My current strategy is to have the boys do some independent work while I take Rose to the gym and Grace to the barn. Then, when Rose and I get home, we eat an early lunch and I do a read-aloud with James, discuss the boys work with them, and do some reading and phonics with Rose. After I pick up Grace (if it's early enough), she, Christopher and I work on finishing up our last read-aloud of the year. She usually takes along some of her work on the drive to the barn too.

9.  We have pink-eye in the house for the first time ever. James started with it a few weeks ago and spent ten days on oral antibiotics, plus one more week of antibiotic eye-drops when the first round didn't take care of it. My fingers are firmly crossed that he, at least, is over it! Now poor dh is the next victim, just starting out with his round of antibiotic eye-drops today. Fun! Okay, not really.

10. Rose reminded me today that we hadn't put the Fourth of July decorations up. We really don't have many, just a few little flags to decorate the table and a starry banner Grace made years ago, but putting them up made Rose quite pleased.  I am planning to make fireworks with a fork with any interested kids tomorrow.

Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Isn't it funny how fast time fills up? I'm supposedly "on vacation", but find I'm just about as busy as always. I should try growing garlic scapes... sounds like they'd be delicious and versatile! I am glad I am not the only one who can take multiple days to watch a single movie without the kids. I think the husband and I average two nights per movie....

    Good luck with the pink eye and the puppy!


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