Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ten Pictures

1. My "baby" turned 7! I won't even get into how old this makes me feel. She had a party cake, which was chocolate with white frosting and these fabulous glittery blue sprinkles.

2.  And a cake on her birthday of course, which was a cookies and cream cake (so good!).

3. Getting our farm share each week has turned out to be more of a commitment than I imagined. It takes about an hour to bag up our produce and get all the pick-your-own items each week. Last week, we picked peas, strawberries, herbs, currants, basil, cilantro....and flowers! It is worth it though, I am loving having all the vegetables each week.

4.  We celebrated July 4th with our traditional morning: pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream.

5. And we made fireworks with a fork. This one is Grace's. I think they came out pretty neat, though the boys were not at all interested in making one.

6. And these fireworks are by Rose. She added the moon to hers.

7. We went to see real fireworks, which is always a hit. The kids wanted to try taking photos of the fireworks, which is not easy.

8. We did manage to get a couple that weren't totally blurry.

9. After Rose and I finished up the Nancy Drew book from her summer readers pack, she really wanted to make the cork pony project at the back of the book.

Well, I tried. If you squint, it might even look like some sort of animal, though not necessarily a horse.

10. Much more successful were the strawberries I made for Rose's birthday. She wanted some Frozen-themed things, so these are "Anna's Frozen Hearts"...strawberries dipped in white candy melts and rolled in sparkly blue sugar. Found on Pinterest, not invented by me.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Happy birthday to Rose! Great cakes, and I love the firework art!


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