Monday, June 15, 2015

Rowing Storm in the Night {FIAR}

Rose and I just finished rowing Storm in the Night, probably our last Five in a Row book for this school year. I wouldn't count out rowing a book or two over the summer, but right now I need a break! This was an especially good book for us to row, because Rose is afraid of thunderstorms and thunderstorm season is in full force here.  We even had a short thunderstorm during the week of our row, complete with loud thunder and a few minutes of very heavy rain.

Here's what we did!

*Social Studies*

  •  We discussed fear, whether Thomas was truthful when he said he wasn't afraid of anything, and who she thought turned out the light at the end of the story. She guessed it was Thomas, because he had gotten over his fear of the dark.

 *Language Arts*

  • Using the manual, we compared and contrasted the words chosen to represent the thunderstorm at the beginning of the story with the words used as the storm dies down. Then we briefly discussed the concept of onomatopoeia and she completed the onomatopoeia worksheet from the free FIAR Fold & Learn (available to subscribers of the FIAR blog). 

  • I helped her  make an onomatopoeia thunderstorm mobile, which was so much fun.   She chose "drip drip", "patter, patter, patter", and "plop" for rain words, "zap" for the lightning, and "boom" for the thunder. I got the idea  for the mobile from this blog. Even though Rose is just a little bit afraid of thunderstorms, she wanted this one hanging over her bed. 

  • We discussed dialogue (this story is pretty much all dialogue!) and quotation marks, and I showed her some of the quotation marks in the story. We also discussed why certain words in the story are in italics, such as when Thomas asks Grandfather if there were automobiles when he was a boy. He replies,"Were there automobiles!?". She giggled every time I read that part.


  • We discussed what medium she thought the artist used. She guessed colored pencils, but the manual said it was acrylic or oil paint. With the help of the manual, we searched for telltale brushstrokes in some of the illustrations.  

  • To go with her thunderstorm mobile, Rose made a rainbow craft. This is just half of a paper plate painted yellow, yellow-painted clothespins for the rays, and some pretty ribbon for the rainbow. My picture here is not the greatest, but I love how it came out and how it looks hanging on her wall! I got the idea here

  • We discussed how the author shows light and dark in the story.  Because this story takes place during a power outage, there are few sources of light until the end. The result is that some pages are very dark, while in others there is light from the lightning or from the woodstove.

  • We discussed facial expressions and she drew some faces with eyes looking in different directions. This was an idea from the manual. She was reluctant to try it, until I told her that I would do it along with her. Turns out, after she tried one, she wanted to do all of them by herself!


  • We discussed the different geometric shapes in Grandfather's quilt, then she "painted" a quilt using the Enchanted Learning website. She chose the Lone Star pattern, and we printed a copy for her binder when she finished.  


  • We made a list of all the sources of light that she could think of. The cute lightbulb printout is from the FIAR Fold & Learn I mentioned above.

  • In the story, Thomas notes that he can hear better with the lights out. I had Rose sit for a few minutes with her eyes shut and tell me all the sounds she could hear. 

  • I printed out a simple water cycle diagram, we discussed it, then she colored and labeled it.

*More Fun*

  • For our Storm in the Night recipe, we made cloud parfaits (blue jello and whipped cream).

This was another fun row! I love that so many of the books are seasonal, it adds an extra dimension of fun. I think if we do some more FIAR over the summer, our top choice will be Night of the Moonjellies, one of my all-time favorite summer picture books. 

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  1. You're making me wish I had done FIAR with Cassia when she was little! The crafts Rose made are awesome, and that dessert is so pretty!


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