Monday, June 8, 2015

June Journal

Some thoughts, plans, and ramblings for the month of June!

Thinking about
 Easing into summer, planning a routine, and how to go about our new routine that starts in just a few weeks. I feel like we just got a good solid handle on our current routine, so naturally it is time to change it again!   It took me a long time to figure out how everything could work together....extracurriculars, time for lessons, pet care, dinner prep, appointments, housework, and everything else that makes up daily life around here. But summer is  a whole different season and it needs a whole different rhythm. We're working on it.

Plans for the month ahead

Grace and I are trying to put together a photo book of our recent trip. It has been fun, but a lot of work. I would really like to finish it up this week. I really need to get Rose's birthday planning underway. I always keep the kids' birthdays simple, but she asked to have a theme this year.  I am also hoping we can start hiking again; we have missed the last several weekends of hiking due to being just plain too busy or too sick. The kids would like to go biking too, and Rose wants to go to the aquarium. So, hopefully we will have a fun outing or two, and lots of outdoors time this month. Then, Rose's summer gymnastics schedule starts the last week of June, and it is going to be more intense than we are used to. So I am really going to try to enjoy the next few weeks of relative peace.

Homeschool notes

We are in wrap-it-up mode. I sat down last week and figured out logical stopping places for our Sonlight/BookShark cores and also decided what we would press through and finish and what we would let wait.  Some work will probably continue over the summer, depending on what we get accomplished in the next two weeks. The plan is to switch to two hours of lessons three days per week, after two more weeks of our regular routine.  I am hoping that we can get a lot accomplished in these next two weeks. 

Around the house
Back to the cleaning routine after several weeks off. I am trying to commit to cleaning one room each day: not a super deep cleaning, but dusting, tidying, and washing the floor.  Today I did the kitchen, my least favorite room to clean because it takes forever.

Out of doors

We finally got some rain last week, so the garden is a bit happier, though my tomatoes do not look at all well. We have been eating lots of salad, because the lettuce and arugula are very happy. Our farm share starts this week, which is super exciting.  I have a bunch of rhubarb that needs processing in some way. I have already made 12 jars of rhubarb jam though, and I don't really feel like dealing with rhubarb any more. I may just freeze it and deal with it over the summer.

In the kitchen

 I have decided to revamp our meal routine for summer. Burgers and grilling on the weekend. Crockpot on Tuesdays. Sandwiches on Wednesdays. Pasta salad or main dish salad on Thursday. Pizza on Fridays. Mondays are kind of a swing day, because I usually have more prep time that day.

Watching & reading

I am reading The Book of Unknown Americans, and it is good, but sad. We watched Maze Runner with the older kids and Paddington with everyone. I much preferred Paddington!  Grace and I added a lot of new titles to the Netflix queue for our summer documentary watching. We spent the winter and spring watching pretty every IMAX documentary they had, so it was time to switch things up. 

Happy June!

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