Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Homeschool Moments

Just a few highlights from our homeschool lately...

Rose finished the first grade portion of First Language Lessons! We both really enjoyed going through this book this year. I reviewed FLL earlier in the year and my feelings on it are still the same. Did we need to do a grammar program at this age? Not necessarily, but this a light and enjoyable introduction to grammar and we both look forward to Level 2 in the fall. The author says it is best to continue the grammar lessons over the summer, but we are going to take a break until the end of August.

Christopher is close to wrapping up Latin for Children A, with just a few pages left to go. He has already finished his history reader. I am adding it to my mental to-do list to post a few thought on LfC, but for now I'll just say that I definitely recommend the history reader. It is an optional resource, but I thought it was great translation practice. He and I worked on one lesson from the history reader per week. I plan to have him continue to use Headventure Land (CAP's online language resource) over the summer, possibly trying out the paid version since we have only been using the free stuff.

More grammar finished! James finished First Language Lessons Level 4 and he is very happy to be done with grammar until fall. One of his last lessons involved writing a letter to Peace Hill Press to complain that his book was missing half of the pages and that he would like a replacement. Fun! PHP is supposed to acknowledge the letter, so we are waiting to see if they actually do.

Also from FLL 4: haystack cookies! The recipe was included in one of the lessons on abbreviations and James wanted to try them out. They may not be pretty, but they were surprisingly good! I never thought I would like chow mein noodles in a cookie, but they worked quite nicely with the chocolate.


 Rose finished up her year of Sonlight with a few more magnet experiments from Science B. That brought us to the end of week 6, so we will be starting with week 7 when we start in the fall.

Christopher did an experiment on the sudsing ability of hard versus soft water for his BookShark science. I think the results are pretty obvious!

In other news, Grace, Christopher and I finished up our latest BookShark World History read-aloud The Hidden Treasure of Glaston. Christopher commented that it was a bit long, but we all stayed interested in the story line and I will definitely look forward to re-reading it with James and Rose. Next up is our last World History read-aloud of this school year: The Great and Terrible Quest.

Till next time!

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