Tuesday, June 30, 2015

100 Things to Do this Summer

I made up a list of ideas recently for those " But I don't know what to do!" moments this summer (not that my kids have those or anything), and I thought I would share it here. The activities are all things we can do at home, because I am driving around far more than usual this summer. When we have some free time, I just want to be home!

  1. Read a book
  2. Walk the dog
  3. Brush a pet
  4. Cover the driveway in sidewalk chalk
  5.  Blow bubbles
  6. Make popsicles
  7. Bake & decorate cupcakes
  8. Watch a movie
  9. Make a marshmallow shooter
  10. Watch a documentary
  11. Do a crossword puzzle
  12. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  13. Play a board game
  14. Send someone email
  15. Make thumbprint pictures
  16. Make a glass of iced tea
  17. Play Frisbee
  18. Wade in the stream
  19. Work on your schoolwork
  20. Go in the pool
  21. Have a water fight
  22. Get out the water balloons
  23. Set up some things to knock down with Nerf darts
  24. Ride your bike
  25. Make an obstacle course outdoors
  26. Play catch
  27. Take some neat photos
  28. Make ice cream
  29. Play horseshoes
  30. Play bocce
  31. Play badminton
  32. Make muffins for breakfast tomorrow
  33. Play wiffle ball
  34. Play with the cat (get her moving!)
  35. Play croquet
  36. Make silly videos with the camera
  37. Practice a sport
  38. Request a book through interlibrary loan
  39. Add movies and documentaries to the Netflix queue
  40. Do a drawing lesson on Draw 3D
  41. Find something to do on the Smithsonian education website
  42. Declutter your room
  43. Bake cookies
  44. Visit DIY.org and find a project to do
  45. Have a picnic snack outside
  46. Eat a freeze pop
  47. Make a CD
  48. Make origami
  49. Do a Duolingo lesson
  50. Decide what you'll make for dinner next week
  51. Hide something for someone to find
  52. Design a board game on a sheet of posterboard
  53. Play a game of chess
  54. Set up a mini mini golf course in the backyard
  55. Knit
  56. Invent a Lego challenge, or try one of these or these
  57. Play with playdough
  58. Make a pet rock
  59. Make a collage using old magazines
  60. Print out a coloring page & color it
  61. Make a toy for the cat
  62. Spread peanut butter on a dog cookie & hide it for the dog to find
  63. Make whoopie pies for dessert
  64. Get a headstart on your fall schoolwork
  65. Dribble a basketball
  66. Wash your bike
  67. Make marshmallow pops
  68. Pick a bouquet of flowers
  69. Make chocolate-dipped bananas
  70. Take a Jedi Training Quiz
  71. Make sunprints
  72. Press flowers
  73. Make fireworks in a jar
  74. Make (and eat) Oreo cookie moon phases
  75. Make sandpaper art
  76. Leave the porch light on overnight to see what moths will come
  77. Make gummy worm ice cubes
  78.  Teach yourself a song on the piano
  79.  Learn a sign in sign language
  80.  Learn a few words in another language
  81. Listen to The Story of the World.
  82. Play a round of pool putter
  83. Write something in code for someone else to decode
  84. Or try a secret code challenge
  85. Check the library's online catalog for books you'd like to check out
  86. Make a pizza for a snack (or lunch)
  87. Use a slingshot (carefully!), or make one
  88. Take a nap
  89. Jump rope
  90. Play tic-tac-toe
  91. Have a staring contest
  92. Make jello
  93. Read the comics 
  94. Race cars down the slide
  95. Swing
  96. Practice going across the monkey bars
  97. Hula hoop
  98. Clip catnip from the garden for the cat
  99.  Write a short story or poem
  100. Go sit in the hammock
Happy Summer!

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