Friday, May 29, 2015

Rowing A Pair of Red Clogs {FIAR}

Rose and I just wrapped up our row of A Pair of Red Clogs took us a month because we just did a little here and there. This book is truly one of my favorite children's picture books ever. All four of our kids have loved it.

Here's what we did!

*Social Studies*

  • We found Japan on our globe and discussed what an island is.

  • She colored the flag of Japan and did a short map activity.

  • She colored some very fancy kimonos. The kimonos, flag, and little map activity were part of Homeschool Share's Japan lapbook. We did not do the whole lapbook, just those pages.

  • We discussed the trick Mako planned to play on her mother, which led to a short discussion of lying. 

  • We visited a translator website so she could see her name in Japanese. She got a big kick out of that. We printed a copy for her lapbook binder (as I have been calling it), which we started with this row. I am still figuring out exactly how we will use the binder, but I'm sure I will end up posting about it in the future.

*Language Arts*

  • We discussed some of the vocabulary in the story, but I kept it very brief and informal.
  • We talked about reminiscing, using the notes in the manual. I asked her to reminisce about something and she told me about summer camp last year when she learned to ride horses. Naturally, this was not the first time she has reminisced about that! This time though, I wrote her narration down so she could keep a copy in her lapbook. 

  • We admired the many beautiful drawings in the book each time we read it.  

There are so many fun details!

  • We discussed how the artist shows warmth.....and admired the lovely colors of this sunset.

  • She colored a Japanese style fan. Link here; there are a few designs to choose from. I think this will come in handy with the heat we have been having lately!


  • We practiced counting by two's by counting the pairs of clogs in the illustration of the tobacco shop. I had planned to have her set up a pretend store as suggested in the manual, but we did not get to that. 


  • We discussed what weather is, how weather forecasters do their job, and what she thinks good weather is (no thunderstorms!). All brief and informal. 
  • She kept a simple weather chart for a week and recorded the midday temperatures inside and outside for a few days. 

  • She played the weather telling game!

But we didn't have clogs, so she used flip-flops.

She got "it will be a fine day tomorrow" on the first try - and it was!- but she kept trying until she got all the possible weather conditions...including snow in May!

*More Fun*


  • And she and her Dad made mock sushi for our FIAR treat.

I think I would have preferred real sushi, but she is not a fan. This, she loved. Our next row (which I need to get busy planning) will be A Storm in the Night.

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