Friday, April 10, 2015

Homeschool Moments

A round-up of some happenings in our homeschool this week...

Grace got her National Latin Exam results back. She tried the Intro to Latin Exam this year. She got 39 out of 40 and earned a purple ribbon! She plans to try Level 1 next year. A nice benefit of using Latin Alive is that it is specifically designed to prepare students to take the NLE.

 I thought Rose would enjoy having her own certificate, so I gave her this one after we finished BookShark K earlier this week. The certificate was included at the end of week 36 in my instructor guide. It was definitely bittersweet closing that last read-aloud, but I hope we will revisit many of the wonderful books we read this year. We really had a blast!

From BookShark K to Sonlight Core B. We are partway through week 1 and she is so excited about all of her new-to-her books. I chose to stick with my old Sonlight Core rather than switching to BookShark. I just couldn't justify spending the extra money. I did purchase the Book Shark Grade 1 readers that we didn't already own, as I didn't do these the first time around (my other kids were slightly older and stronger readers when they did this Core).

I hesitate to even put this next photo up because it is so depressing. A dusting of snow in April? C'mon now. This week has been cold and rainy. Luckily, things are looking up and we should see some real spring weather starting this weekend.

This week James and Christopher worked on their second week of TOPS Corn and Beans. They are really enjoying this program. I am making a note to take some photos of their projects next week. James and I started reading Carry On Mr. Bowditch. This is my second time through the book and I don't remember much of it from last time, but I did warn him that I think it is pretty sad.  Rose and I started reading Charlotte's Web. This is her first time reading the book and my....I don't even know how many times I have read Charlotte. But I'm sure it will not stop me from crying like a fool at certain parts. Christopher, Grace, and are reading A Single Shard, which looks like it may also have plenty of sad parts. Better stock up on tissues, I guess.

Rose requested to do "the rose drawing lesson" from Mark Kistler and I think she did an awesome job!

A short science experiment for James. Testing the effects of colored water on celery stalks. We saw results in just a few hours.

Those were just a very few photos and thoughts from our week. I try to keep my camera handy during the day, but I want to get better at photographing what goes on around here. There's always next week!

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  1. With the exception of the snow, it looks like a good week! And congrats to Grace for the NLE and Rose for finishing a level in Bookshark!


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