Sunday, April 5, 2015


I feel like I have not been doing as many journal-type posts here lately. I enjoy writing reviews and writing about plans for next year and organizational stuff, but those posts take so much time to write!  So expect a few more rambling "what's going on around here" type posts as I try to be more conscious about noting down some of the everyday happenings around here.  I am also working on my 7th grade plans post and should have that up soon.

Some random photos and happenings from the last couple of weeks....

James turned 10!

We did a few Easter crafts in the week leading up to Easter...these crayon resist watercolor eggs were a big hit. We drew an egg-shape with a white crayon, made designs with a white crayon, and colored over the eggs with watercolors. The design pops out, kind of like a secret message!

When the eggs were dry we cut them out, though I  notice now that I didn't actually photograph any of them after they were cut out.  The paper tends to get kind of wrinkly, but we just flattened the eggs under heavy books for a couple of hours after cutting them out.

Sometimes I don't really feel up to the whole holiday crafting thing, but I have found that if I just get the materials out, the kids' enthusiasm is contagious enough to carry me through and make me glad I made the effort. I have found it works best to offer any craft projects during our regular schoolwork time. Everyone wants to participate if it means a break from math!

Exciting news....we finished our first curriculum product of the year! James finished up Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Level 4. He worked very diligently on his cursive the past couple of weeks once he saw how close he was to finishing!

I think he's got some pretty decent cursive going on! I know it may seem a little outdated to learn cursive in this day and age, but I really want the kids to be able to write this way, and I definitely want them to be able to read cursive.  This program has been great for James and his handwriting has really gotten quite legible. I gave him the choice of starting level 5 right away or waiting until fall, and he chose to wait. One subject down for him!

We colored eggs, of course. These are eggs from our own chickens because I can't stand the thought of buying white eggs to color when we have so many dozens in the fridge from our own flock. Our chickens are all brown or green egg-layers and we just use the regular commercial egg dye kits....the darker eggs definitely come out more muted, almost like with a natural dye. I really like the effect. We had just enough snow melt to make an outdoor Easter egg hunt possible.

Grace made these Krispy eggs for us, her yearly tradition. And we watched Hop , also per tradition.

We found our first flower while hunting for eggs! A tiny little purple crocus.

This week I think we are finishing up our maple syrup production run. I have just one batch left to finish tomorrow, and that should put us at a little under 2 gallons. I would have liked a bit more, but the weather is warming up this week, too warm to store sap outdoors without spoiling. Plus, I am just ready to be done with it.

What else? Christopher starts archery again, Grace is back to her outdoor riding lessons...the extracurriculars are feeling a little crazy lately and I really need to pause and take stock of what we are currently involved in. I am trying out Writing Strands with James and Christopher this week. I want to get James writing more and Christopher needs a break from Writing with Skill. Also, Rose and I will finish  Bookshark World Cultures this week! We will be going straight into Sonlight Core B, which thankfully I already own, I just need to get the books out and shelved.

Till next time!

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  1. The crocus is lovely -- what a nice sign of spring! And I won't buy white eggs to dye either. I love the crayon resist paintings.

    Have a wonderful week!


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