Friday, April 24, 2015

Homeschool Moments

A few moments from our last few days of homeschooling....

Rose and spelling are finally starting to click; I think it's because of her progress in reading lately. I seem to have completely failed to mention spelling in my first grade update, but she is still plugging away at it. She is doing Spelling Workout A . It is not the flashiest spelling program out there, but it is so easy to use and takes so little time each day that I refuse to look at anything else. She doesn't exactly adore it, but she doesn't mind it either.

Christopher did a neat experiment from his science book, Blood and Guts. He put an egg in vinegar overnight.

The next day the egg was all squishy because the vinegar eroded the eggshell away, leaving behind a tough membrane.  It was very cool and pretty weird. He really enjoys the activities in this book, though some of them have been too complicated for us to try. The text has a nice conversational tone and I know he enjoys reading it because he often chooses it first from his reading pile. 

 We kicked off a new hiking season with a 3-mile hike at a woodland preserve nearby. It was nice to be outdoors and active again. We got each kid their own backpack this year, and I wish we had done it sooner. They really got a kick out of deciding what to bring, and I have to say it was pretty awesome to only carry my water and gear.  The trail was rated difficult and was very steep in parts, but Rose didn't complain once, which is very unusual for her. I am not sure if this enthusiasm will last, but we have made it a goal to hike weekly if we possibly can.

 I finally got around to planting the radish plants left from the TOPS Radish experiments James did last month. I was afraid they would be too cold in our raised beds, so I stuck them in the cold frame. They seem to be doing fine, even with the abnormally cold temperatures we had this week. Hopefully he will get some nice radishes!

We got our National  Mythology Exam results back and the kids did great. Christopher got a silver medal.

 And Grace earned a gold.  They put a ton of work into prepping for the exam this year and it really paid off.

Not at all homeschool-related, but our daffodils are finally up! Now if I only had the ambition to clean up the flower beds.

And finally, Grace finished her math level, which is always exciting! She has been using Life of Fred Beginning Algebra and will continue with LOF Advanced Algebra as soon as I get around to ordering it. In the meantime she is enjoying a well-deserved break from math. Before she begins her new book, I am planning to have her do either a Saxon or Teaching Textbooks placement test, just to make sure she is up to speed. 

Till next time!

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