Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Musings

Thoughts for the week of March 16th....

Thinking about
Lots of things....there are so very many things going on at this time of year! Lately, I have been trying to limit my focus to just three major items each week, because I can only do so much. This week's three are:  getting ready for James's tenth birthday, summer plans (camps, camping, beach trip), and the holidays and special days for this week.  Of course, there will be other must-do's that don't relate to those three, but those are my major projects to work on this week. This "routine of three" really seems to make a difference in my stress level. Instead of also worrying about the kids' spring clothes, Easter basket shopping, curriculum planning, portfolios, garden planning, and a million other things, I just tell myself those will make it onto another week's priority list.

Plans for this week

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with our usual bagel breakfast (and green cream cheese), plus shamrock shakes later that night.  Celebrating the dog's birthday with a small gift and a dog food "cake". The dog doesn't seem to understand, but he certainly doesn't mind either and the kids love doing it. Starting our living Easter baskets on the first day of spring (Friday!).  Also a trip to a local college greenhouse sometime this week - such a nice place to visit when it's still cold out!

Homeschool notes

Grace is still doubling up on her Bookshark World History readings and it is going well for her. She wants to finish this level by year's end and then go double pace through World History II so she can start the high school levels sometime next year and still not miss anything. I am hoping Bookshark releases those levels in time for her to use them, but if not, we will just use Sonlight.  I am currently working on plans for her 9th grade year, my first time planning high school! It feels a little terrifying. I have plans mostly in place for my boys and will post those soon. Rose's plans are posted here.

Around the house
I am trying to get better at using odd moments here and there during our homeschooling day for housework. I find that relying on a list is helping me hugely with this because I don't have to think about what to do when I find a minute or two...making a note to do a post soon on my new housework routine.

Out of doors

Windy, rainy, warm-ish, cool-ish, cold.....sometimes all in one day, yep it's March! We tapped trees last weekend and boiled down our first few jars of maple syrup. The process gets easier every year and is really not stressful anymore at all.   Everyone has their part to do: the kids check the sap buckets twice a day and transfer the maple sap to a big barrel. When the sap barrel is half-full, we start boiling.  We do our boiling outdoors on the gas grill,  which makes it very low maintenance and easy. I would love to do it over a wood-fire, but it is just too windy this time of year to deal with an open fire. The hardest part of  the whole process happens at the end when we bring the syrup indoors to finish it off, because it needs to be watched very carefully at that point. It's all worth it though.

In the kitchen

We made a big Irish dinner over the weekend since St. Patrick's Day falls on gymnastics night. I made cookies for the first time in awhile last week when we had a surprise free afternoon. I used to do much more baking when the kids were younger and I had more time. I miss that.

Watching & reading

I am reading Big Little Lies, which is a fun read and has me really looking forward to bedtime each night so I can read without interruption.  James and I are finally going to finish Johnny Tremain this week: I feel like I have been reading that book forever! James will be glad to be finished with it, it was not his favorite book.  He and I just started reading Lion Boy before bed. Our family movie night this weekend was Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day . It was a fun movie and I really liked that they kept some stuff from the book, like the same names for his school friends.  For our documentary Friday we watched Cracking the Maya Code.

This past weekend

St. Patrick's Day coloring. Trip to a flower show. Sap buckets. And getting the kids passports filled out and signed before locking them up safely. They took the job of signing their own passports so seriously and are so excited to have them.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Those flowers are seriously gorgeous! I love the living Easter basket idea too. And yes, planning high school for the first time is unnerving. Can't wait to see your plans for that!

    Have a good week!


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