Monday, March 30, 2015

Housekeeping Loop Plan

Spring is finally in the air, though you wouldn't know it from the inch of snow we got yesterday! Spring always makes me want to rethink my housekeeping routines.  I have been using a housekeeping loop plan for a few years, always just "doing the next thing" when I find the time. But lately I have been struggling to fit housework into my day, because there always seems to be something more important or more exciting to do. Sometimes this is okay, but if it goes on too long the house suffers and I start getting cranky. I wish that clutter and mess did not bother me, but I do find that I am much happier in a house that is reasonably tidy - so I am determined to carve out time to clean.

 I experimented with doing all of the housecleaning on one morning, either Friday or Saturday. But I really hate cleaning for such a long time. It takes 3-4 hours to clean the whole house and I am exhausted by the end. I tried assigning different rooms to different days, like living areas on Monday, bathrooms Tuesday, etc...but then I was always playing catch-up when I missed days and feeling like I was behind. 

 So instead, I decided to update my loop plan and find a way to be more purposeful about working on it. I love having a checklist for housework because I can just do the next thing without thinking about what that next thing should be.  So when do I do this? I started out trying to use free moments during our homeschool hours, but quickly realized there are very few of those! So now, when the kids head out for a break after lunch, I spend 30 minutes working on my housework loop. I am very strict about this, I actually set a timer too, because it motivates me.  I might spend an hour on the weekend working on this list too, but no more than that. A little at a time, that's my motto.

My new loop plan for housework

Sitting Room/Mudroom Area
  • tidy & declutter
  • dust
  • straighten shoes & coats
  • vacuum couch & rugs
  • sweep
  • wash floor
  • sort through accumulated mail

Dining Area

  • tidy & declutter
  • dust
  • glass (because the dog always slobbers on the back french door!)
  • wash dog dishes
  • vacuum area rugs
  • sweep
  • wash floor


  • declutter/tidy
  • dust
  • spot clean windows
  • shake out mats
  • vacuum 
  • wash floor as needed


  • declutter/tidy
  • dust desk area
  • wipe down cabinets
  • wipe down counters
  • wipe down appliance fronts
  • clean fridge
  • clean stove top & oven hood, oven as needed
  •  clean out one cabinet or drawer
  • clean glass fronts/window
  • sweep
  • wash floor
  • wipe down trashcan - wash as needed
  • tidy & dust pantry

(On my actual list, I separate the two bathrooms)
  • clean mirrors
  • wipe down vanities
  • scrub toilets
  • scrub tub/shower
  • tidy closet
  • wipe down fixtures (lights, towel rods)
  • sweep
  • wash floors
  • wash bath mat, wash shower curtain as needed

Laundry Room

  • declutter/tidy
  • wash dog blanket
  • dust
  • wipe down washer and dryer
  • empty any full laundry baskets
  • sweep
  • wash floor

(this is kind of a playroom/study/school room combo)

  • declutter/tidy
  • straighten shelves 
  • file papers
  • dust
  • organize kitchen play area
  • sweep
  • vacuum area rug
  • wash floor

Living Room

  • declutter/tidy
  • straighten shelves
  • dust
  • clean out magazine basket
  • put out  new seasonal books as needed
  • straighten couch slipcovers, vacuum couches
  • sweep
  • vacuum area rug
  • wash floor
  • put away items accumulated by staircase
  • vacuum stair treads
  • straighten up game closet


 (master bedroom and Rose's room, the other kids do their own)

  • tidy & declutter
  • dust
  • sweep and/or vacuum
  • change bedsheets
  • wash one extra bedding item - a mattress pad, quilt, whatever...I rotate through everyone's bedding until all that "extra bedding" is washed, over the course of a few weeks, then I start again. 


  • wipe down car
  • vacuum car
  • put new bedding in chicken coops
  • scrub water pails
  • straighten up barn
  • sweep front and back porch

 I know this list seems ridiculously long, but it works really well for me to have this level of detail, rather than just a list that says "clean living room". A detailed list lends itself very well to cleaning a little at a time, which is the only way I can do it. I tackle the list in order as much as possible, so that nothing gets neglected for too long.

You should know that I do not ever get this list done in a week, two weeks is more like it! And sometimes...more like three. I also have a lot of things I am ignoring for now - like the garage and basement! Don't look in there!

And I also have a daily chore list for myself and the kids. 

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  1. Detailed lists are good, especially for cleaning plans. It gives you a better view of the situation, and a more realistic one at that. Our houses have several rooms, and each has their own components and clutter. Better to factor all those things, then map out our workflow from there. And I also agree that we must pace our cleaning and not knock ourselves over the head with it, so good call on that one! Cheers!

    Frank George @ Dutch Hollow Supplies


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