Wednesday, February 18, 2015

february projects

This month we have been staying home (and inside) far more often than we normally do. Sometimes our plans are canceled due to snow, sometimes our plans are canceled due to extreme cold, and now our plans are being canceled because we are passing around a virus. This is what February is all about! I tell the kids. You need to hunker down and get through it, and it isn't always easy!

Cabin fever has definitely arrived.

On the bright side, we have had time to do a few extra projects around the house. We set up a new game closet in the living room, which I forgot to take pictures of. I have been working on plans for our trip this spring and re-doing our chore charts. Also....

Rose and I made truffles one day. We got the recipe from Mommy and Me Start Cooking, a new book we found at the library. This child loves chocolate, so the truffles were the very first thing she picked to make. The chocolate mixture was a little hard to work with, so we could not get them very round.  I think we will try a different recipe next time, but they tasted great. We did them up with Valentine sprinkles. 

I had the kids help me make up a dinner plan rotation. I found this cute printable to help, then we just brainstormed easy things everyone likes and filled in the spaces. We printed two of these and have about eight weeks filled in so far. Someday I hope to do a separate post on this!

 We participated in three of the four days for the The Great Backyard Bird Count, which I thought was pretty good. We didn't get any terribly exciting birds this year, just our usual line-up of chickadees, a nuthatch, tufted titmice, cardinals, juncos, and a woodpecker. We had fun though! Now we just need to submit our results.

For Valentine's Day we made some pretty marshmallow treats. These are so easy and great for any holiday. To make them, just melt chocolate chips, swirl the top of the marshmallow in the melted chocolate, add sprinkles and/or colored sugar, and let them set.

Naturally, we had to get conversation hearts for the holiday. I even went out and got more, because one bag was apparently just not enough. These were a great amusement over the long snowy weekend when Rose was too sick to go out anywhere. Poking through the pile, reading them, giving each other funny ones, stacking them, eating's amazing how a simple thing can brighten a dreary day.

And of course, our biggest project lately is keeping warm! Which isn't easy when this is what your thermometer says in the morning.  I am not sure what the 54 degrees up top is all about, I am pretty sure it was not that cold in the house. But the -6F on the bottom was definitely accurate.

My next big project is homeschool planning for next year. Seems like just yesterday I was planning for this year. Fortunately I love doing it, so I am really looking forward to getting started over this next stretch of snowy, sick days: I have one more down with a fever as of this afternoon and we have more snow on the way!

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