Friday, February 13, 2015

February Days

Have I mentioned that it has been snowing a lot? It has been one crazy winter. Thankfully, a big storm that was predicted for Thursday changed it's mind and only gave us an inch or so. But there is always another potential storm looming at this time of year. It has been unreasonably cold, too. I sent the kids out the other day even though we hadn't finished our work, because it was in the mid 20's and that was a "warm" day, so I figured they had better take advantage of it! They came back in to report that the snow was thigh- deep in some places - on the 12 year-old! Yes, it is deep out there.

We made these coffee filter hearts for Valentine's Day last year but I can't find most of them. So we had  a "school-lite" day and we made more. Direction here; they are super easy and a great use for those bingo markers, if you have them.

We have been getting a lot of birds at our feeders with all the crazy weather. I am trying to remember to keep the feeders full for them. Our kitchen window looks out on the sunporch, which looks out onto the tree we hang the feeders from. I spend a lot of time birdwatching while helping someone with math, overseeing dictations, and other things where I am needed enough of the time that I can't get up and do something else, but not enough of the time that I can't stare out the window.

Rose is doing so well in The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading . We are nearly halfway through now and her progress has really been picking up. We have been using our old "fun system" again because she gets a little bored sometimes. But there have been quite a few game lessons lately and she adores those. We played an eye spy game this week where she put two cards together to make a sentence..." I spy with my eye something that is a treat!"... and then she got to put the card on whatever she liked. Naturally, she chose chocolate! More and more I see her trying to puzzle out words on her own outside of our reading lesson time. When we stopped in to do our passport applications she very proudly told me that the woman who helped us was named Jean! She had been able to read the name on her name tag and remembered it from our reading lesson the day before. I feel like all our hard work is paying off, which is a really nice feeling. Her reading progress has been much slower than her siblings who took to reading quickly,  but she is learning well and on her own time-table.

Rose is also doing spelling now, specifically Spelling Workout: Level A. I love SWO because it is no frills, gets the job done, has some fun activities mixed in, and she can do a bit of it independently. Also it is cheap! 

Christopher has been  using Bookshark Science 5 this year. Lately, he has been reading about the human body and doing occasional experiments from Blood and Guts . This book has a lot of experiments we will probably not do (like dissecting a heart and putting a bone in acid to soften it), but there are also a lot of simple experiments that are very doable. On this occasion he and his younger siblings taped up their thumbs and tried to write letters, open a door, do a pullup, and a few other things.

They all agreed that thumbs are pretty great things!

Well, we have a cold and snowy weekend ahead, but at least there will be chocolate.  

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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