Monday, January 12, 2015

things we are up to

 Playing lots of Clue - our new favorite weekend game. I adored this game as a teen, so I am beyond excited that my own kids are old enough to play! Rose often teams up with one of us, but has recently asked to play on her own. She doesn't like to record her guesses on her Clue card, she just likes to make random guesses when it is her turn. I think I showed her Colonel Mustard four times during our last game:).

Taking care of chickens and goats in the snow and bitter cold temperatures? Not nearly as much fun. We take turns going out a few times a day to break water, bring warm water to the goats, and check for eggs so they don't crack and freeze. And yes, we do have a few chickens laying eggs this winter! Our Easter Egger and Jersey Giant chickens are still working for us and I am very grateful for those two or three eggs a day!

The kids started using our drawing program again.  I haven't used it for quite some time and I miss it, but I have recently decided that I really need to use Friday mornings as cleaning time. There is just no getting around the fact that I like the house to be clean and that things need regular attending to. It is too hard for me to find a good block of time in the afternoon, now that our lessons take longer and require more of me. And I don't want to use the weekends for cleaning if I can help it! So Friday mornings it is. The kids will do art and work on independent stuff before we all head out to our Friday activity.

I really love my magazines and always get a little boost when good ones come in the mail. And it is so much easier to find time to read them in winter! Pretty much the perfect Sunday afternoon in my opinion involves tea, a game of Clue, a nap, and some reading. Not necessarily in that order.

 And it's seed ordering time again! I started (slowly) getting my order together this week. I keep a bookmark in the catalog and I just plug away a little at a time, penciling in little stars next to the varieties I'd like to try.

Naturally, there will end up being a few too many varieties starred and a reality check will be needed. But flipping through a seed catalog when it is below zero outdoors has to be one of the most hopeful activities a person can do in January!


  1. I love that both our families are playing Clue! I love the artwork your kids have been doing too.

    Do you get the seed catalog from Baker Creek? Seriously the most gorgeous seed catalog I have ever seen.

    And I am glad to know I'm not the only one that had two junk drawers in the kitchen!

  2. I do get the Baker Creek catalog - you are right, it is gorgeous and so much fun to look through. I am ordering from my boring black and white catalog this year, but now that you mention it I ought to get the BC one out and look at it along with my other one.


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