Wednesday, January 14, 2015

reading and knitting

I need to get some new knitting projects going on here. I am still working on my very simple afghan, just row after row of knit stitches. I am slipping the first stitch of every row, like in this pattern, which creates a neat edge pretty easily. My plan is to knit two skeins of each color until the afghan is big enough.  I'm not sure yet what color I am going to do after this blue, maybe gray?  I have some soft gray yarn kicking around from a failed pair of wrist warmers. After knitting a bunch of wool hats this past fall, I am pretty attached to wool yarn,  but I wanted something very easy care for this afghan.  I am using Red Heart Soft, which I picked up for about $3 a skein at Michael's. For such an inexpensive basic yarn, it is quite nice to work with.  So far it is standing up well, so hopefully it will prove to be durable and washable. We shall see! I expect this afghan to take a couple of years (at least!) because I only work on it when we watch a movie or documentary with the kids, or when we take a long car long as I am in the passenger seat, of course!

My little 52 books in 52 weeks project is going very well. I am working on book number two right now, This House is Haunted, which I think is just such an awesome title. And I love the book! It is well-written and old-fashioned and spooky....just right for a winter's night read, although I admit I had trouble falling asleep one night after reading it!

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