Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Reading aloud

It was a snowy, blowy day here yesterday, a perfect day for reading aloud, which I spent much of my morning doing! So I thought I'd do a little round-up of each child's current read-alouds.  The first book is their daytime read-aloud. Rose and James have their own, Christopher and Grace share one since they also share Bookshark World History. The second book is our bedtime read-aloud. And yes, I do still read aloud to all the kids at bedtime - even my fourteen year old!

With Rose (6)

I am reading Caddie Woodlawn with her because Bookshark has Little House in the Big Woods scheduled and we read that not too long ago. She wouldn't mind re-reading it, but we can't find it. We had Caddie excerpts one week for her Writing with Ease assignments and she really wanted to hear the whole story. It is a much longer and wordier book than Little House, but so far so good. We are both enjoying it. 

  I can't believe that we are on the last of the Little House books! The First Four Years is much shorter than the other books in this series, so it will go quickly. I have to do some editing here and there, such as not reading parts about children freezing to death in snow storms. Everyone handles such things differently of course, but I just can't handle reading such things to a sensitive six year old at bedtime. So I do skip a page here and there. And I have added this to my wishlist for when we finish this series.

With James (9)

I am surprised that The Secret of the Sealed Room has so few reviews on Amazon. We are reading this for Bookshark's American History 1 and it is one of our favorite books in this level so far. We are really enjoying puzzling out the mystery.  

Edited: We actually finished this book today, doing a double reading because we wanted to know the answer!

James and I have been working our way slowly through the excellent Story of the World series at bedtime and we are now up to the final volume! I was really very interested to see how Susan Wise Bauer would handle some of the tough issues in recent history and so far I have been very pleased. She has done an excellent job in sharing just enough information to get the point across and help kids understand,  but not so much that reading about the Holocaust turns into a traumatic event.  If you are reading this series with a younger reader, I would probably pre-read potentially disturbing sections, but this has been right on target age-wise for James. 

With Christopher (12) and Grace (14)


My kids love reading Greek mythology so The Trojan War is right up their alley. They already know the whole story forwards and backwards but they are enjoying hearing it again. This has been one of our most popular read-alouds so far. My other two are always listening in as well. It is a pretty simple retelling and easy enough to follow. I wish it had a pronunciation guide, because I am always having to ask Grace how to say the names.

With Christopher


He and I were kind of stuck for what to read at bedtime one night, so I grabbed The Children of Green Knowe off the shelf. It is okay so far. It is kind of an odd book in that the writing style is targeted at a young age - probably 6/7, but  parts of the back story are a bit disturbing and seem better suited to older kids. It is definitely a bit young to read with Christopher, but we started it and are interested enough to keep reading.

With Grace

With Grace, I like to read classic books that I think she should experience but is reluctant to read on her own. She is very much into fantasy books, and it is hard to talk her into reading much else, except for her schoolwork. Lately we have been reading Watership Down, which I can't remember ever having read myself. It just seemed like one of those books you really ought to read. She did balk a little about reading about rabbits, but I asked her to just give it a try for a couple of nights and now we are both enjoying it. I would not read this with a much younger child, as I think they would probably either be bored or disturbed (or both!) by some of the happenings. And yes, it is long! We'll be reading this one for quite some time.

As far as my own books go, I started a page on the blog for my 52 books challenge where I am planning to list books as I finish them.

Happy reading!

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