Friday, January 2, 2015

A good thing

I am just popping in to to say Happy Friday and to share one of my favorite gifts that I gave the kids this year. Or possibly it is a gift I got for myself? I have seen this lunar calendar on a few blogs and have meant to get one every year, but you know how that goes.  This year I actually ordered one in time for Christmas and I love it! The calendar is pretty inexpensive and comes in lots of different colors. I thought about getting a frame for it, but decided to just stick it on the wall for now. The paper is fairly heavy and I think it will stand up okay. I hung it in the hall, where I will pass by it about a zillion times a day. I love that this simple little calendar is already making everyone pay more attention to the moon, just days after hanging it up. The other evening Christopher came in from doing chores and proclaimed that "the moon outside looks just like it does on the lunar calendar!". And it did!

 This is the original lunar phase calendar, in black. I think it is going to be a regular Christmas purchase around here. Definitely a good thing.

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