Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday Ramblings

A few random things and photos from the past few days...can you believe it's December already?? I really cannot.

Grace is beginning chapter 13 this week in her biology. She is doing well with it. My brain pretty much freezes up whenever I try to look over her current chapter, though. Homeschool mom brain mush? I don't know. I am grateful for my husband who happily reads her science paper each week and discusses it with her. After the holidays he is going to start doing some dissection with her as well. She extracted DNA from a strawberry for her lab last can see it as the fuzzy white strands at the top of the test tube here. Pretty cool.

Last week, before it snowed, we all watched a squirrel building a nest. I always thought squirrels lived in holes in trees but this one was constructing a large leaf nest near the top of a maple tree. He went up and down the tree several times - probably climbing 75 feet each time with a mouthful of leaves.

 It was a really  impressive thing to see. We talked a little about weather forecasting and how this little guy was doing some forecasting for us. Snow was predicted in varying amounts, but the way he was racing up and down the tree made us think we were really in for something.

And sure enough, we had a pre-Thanksgiving snow, followed by a couple of power outages, though we fared pretty well, considering. Many in our area had no power for Thanksgiving and some folks were out for several days. The snow was heavy and white and took down several trees in the area.

We were fortunate to be able to have our Thanksgiving dinner as planned. Next day we started our Christmas decorating, just a little here and there. I find I decorate a bit less each year. I like keeping it simple and making a lot of things ourselves. We put together a little list of crafts and cookies to make in this new month. And we got out the Christmas books, which is always such a joy.


I am really looking forward to reading these books in the weeks ahead. I try to make it a high priority to read holiday books to Rose most days, because she loves it so ( I do, too). Also, it forces me to take a few minutes to just sit down and relax. These next few weeks are going to be so very busy, it is nice to have an excuse to sit down and take it all in for a few moments.



  1. I miss the days of holiday (picture) book reading, though we generally do a longer read aloud now for December that has something to do with holidays! We really enjoyed The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus a while back (L. Frank Baum), and this year we will be trying Kringle.

  2. I love watching the animals prepare for weather! They can predict things in a way that we can only dream of doing, especially now that we have isolated ourselves so much from it in our comfortable homes. Nature is amazing.


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