Wednesday, December 31, 2014

January Plans

A few random plans for the month of January!


* New Year's Day we have a traditional dinner - red beans and rice, cornbread, and collards (which are supposed to bring prosperity in the New Year). We have tried on and off to eat black-eyed peas too, which are a very traditional New Year's food and are said to bring good luck, but we don't really like them. This year though, we are going to try a black-eyed pea salsa to see if that's any better.  The kids always get a new calendar, too. I have them pick one out online ahead of time and then wrap them up and put them at their place New Year's morning. I also get myself one and usually spend the morning filling it out. I do love a new calendar.

* Twelfth Night is something we started celebrating three years ago, when I decided that we needed a festive way to wrap up the Christmas season. It is usually celebrated January 6th, but we always celebrate it on the Sunday closest.  We are not a religious family, so we have put our own spin on things. What we do is, we all plan a performance of some sort....a play or skit, a magic trick, reading a poem aloud, a puppet show, playing a tune on the piano....  and on that night everyone takes turn performing for the rest of the family.   We also have a twelfth night cake, in which I hide a little coin or something...whoever finds it is king or queen of 12th night! And the kids each get three very small gifts under the tree. I usually just get dollar items or small treats like a candy bar or bottle of lemonade - inexpensive things, but still fun to open!

January is a bit light on holidays,  but that is just fine with me after the bustle of December. We also celebrate Christopher's birthday this month- he will be 12!

Things to Notice & Do

* The full Wolf Moon on January 5th

* Downton Abbey starts again on January 4th!

* Christopher wants to take a trip to a Lego store for his birthday outing

* The seed catalogs are in, so I'd like to plan out our garden

* The kids are participating in Read to Succeed, so we'll start the reading logs for that

* I also have two doing the National Mythology Exam and one doing the National Latin Exam, so we'll be preparing for those

* Hopefully it will snow so we can get in some sledding and snowshoeing!

* The bird feeders need filling a couple of times a week now

* I'm thinking about taking the 52 books in 52 weeks  challenge - Grace wants to do it and I'd like to think I can pull it off....can't hurt to try anyway!

Things to Make

* Blanket knitting....I have a new afghan in progress. It is super simple, just knitting row upon row until a skein runs out, then attaching another

* Marmalade. I haven't made orange marmalade for a few years, but I have been craving it lately

* Snow ice cream

* Paper snowflakes

To-Do List

* Get going on our bathroom renovation again. We haven't worked on it for weeks due to the holiday, now it's time to get it going again

* Buy more flannel sheets - some of ours have been getting positively holey.

* Take down the tree and decorations. Give the tree to the goats - they love to eat leftover Christmas tree

* Burn brush whenever the weather and our schedule allows. We have lots of fallen trees and branches that need taking care of

* Jot down notes for next Christmas (things we need to restock, update Christmas card list, etc.)

* Read through my favorite gardening book and consider starting some things from seed (or not)

* Purchase supplies for Valentine making

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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