Friday, November 7, 2014

November fun list

 12 things I want to do with my family this November...

Part of last year's grateful chain

1. Plant garlic for next year. We love our garlic around here. This year we are planting a bit extra.

2. Start our gratitude chain.

3. Let Rose dress up as a Pilgrim girl for Thanksgiving....because she's been asking.

4. Make felted acorns.

5. Take our annual trip to King Arthur for fruitcake mix (I don't like any fruitcake but this!).

6. Have at least one more bonfire and toast marshmallows.

7. Plan our Christmas gift making. I encourage each child to come up with a simple gift they can make for family members. Planning this ahead of time is key.

8. Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

9. Make a big leaf pile for the kids to jump in.

10. Go hiking at least one more time.

11. Cook our own Thanksgiving dinner at home. We don't host, so we like to make our own so we can have the leftovers! Sometimes we DVR the Macy's Parade, since we usually miss most of it on the actual day, and watch that too.

12. Make cranberry bread - we like the recipe in Cranberry Thanksgiving.

And just a few other things....notice the Full Frost Moon on November 6th :: make pumpkin pie :: read Thanksgiving picture books :: make Indian pudding and maple fudge :: get the wood stove going again :: take photos for the Christmas card :: do as much of our holiday shopping and making as possible :: get the scarves and mittens out :: light candles-lots of candles :: stock up on baking supplies :: choose Christmas treats to make .... okay that's more than a few and there are plenty more - some of which will get done and some which won't, it's just the way of things. It's a great time of year to dream though.

Wishing you all a peaceful November...

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