Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Musings

 For the week of November 17th....

Plans for this week

 Our usual round of "stuff", including the orthodontist, plus an early Thanksgiving celebration with friends, and a trip to the mall, which we usually avoid like the plague. Kind of dreading that one already, but it is the easiest place to find snow boots, gloves, and the like for everyone. Also it has a huge craft store, so I am hoping to get our Christmas crafting plans in place this week so we can pick up a few supplies. 

Thinking about

The busy time of year, which seems to be starting now and will not really let up until after Christmas. Specifically, I am thinking of ways to make the next few weeks feel special, but still down to earth and simple, and not so rushed. A tall order, perhaps. The kids made fun of me the other day for buying the movie Elf before Thanksgiving. But in my defense, I have wanted to see that movie for years and it always seems to have a "very long wait" on Netflix by the time I think of it. Also, it was on sale.  I don't want to rush the Christmas season in, but at the same time, I am not opposed to little bits of it sneaking in here and there. The season goes by to fast anyway, so why not eke every sparkly bit out of it that you can, I say.

Homeschool notes

It's Christopher last week of Sonlight's Core F! We really loved this Core. Hopefully, I will get my act together to do a little post on it soon. Next, he is going to move on to Bookshark's World History 1 with Bookshark's Grade 5 science. I am hoping for a pretty productive week so that we can take most of Thanksgiving week off!

Out of doors

It is cold out there, all of a sudden. It seems we went from light sweatshirts and sneakers to boots and heavy jackets overnight. I am glad we got the garlic in last week, because the ground is pretty frozen now. That means frozen hoses and frozen water buckets for the animals and lots of hauling water from the tap up by the house. I am trying to consider this a lovely form of extra exercise, but I'm not sure I am succeeding.

In the kitchen

Last week, I made a huge pot of black beans, using dried beans. I had never done that before, so it was pretty exciting! I love the idea of making a big pot of something and using it for different things throughout the week.  I used them one night to make black bean burgers, another night I fried some of them in a pan with a little butter and served them with rice, salsa, and tortilla chips, and the last bit of beans went on a pizza along with some Mexican cheese. This week, I am going to cook a big batch of dried chickpeas, not sure yet what I will turn them into.

Watching & reading

We all watched Maleficent for our movie night and we all loved it. I was a little worried about Rose, since she tends to be sensitive about some movies, but she was totally fine with it and said afterwards that she would like to see it again. Without the kids, we have been finishing up Once Upon a Time, the third season. I wish we had thought to set the DVR for this season,  because now we have to wait until it is over and out on DVD to catch up. No streaming out here in the sticks! I have been reading Quiet Mind and I think I might need to buy it. It is the kind of book I could picture keeping on my nightstand in order to read a little section each morning.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. We really want to watch Malificent, so thanks for the reminder! I too love cooking big pots of beans that I can use for different menu ideas. My kids love chickpea curry, hummus, chickpeas on salads, etc. for a few ideas.

  2. Chickpea curry is a great idea and I have never put "real" chickpeas on a salad so I will definitely do that. We have tried hummus before but I can't see to get it just right. I will probably try it again though and tinker with it a little. Thanks!


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