Monday, November 3, 2014

into november

A few things going on, as November begins....

::taking down Halloween decorations :: decorating for Thanksgiving (slowly) :: cleaning up ever so many leaves :: putting the garden to bed :: thinking about planting garlic :: playing chess again :: watching Planet Earth :: talking about Christmas lists already :: starting a whole new year with Grace (Bookshark World History) :: debating a new science option for Christopher :: lighting the first of many fires in the woodstove :: reading the last volume of The Story of the World with James :: finishing one hat, starting another :: making a scarf :: cooking Thanksgiving-ish side dishes every chance we get :: lighting candles again :: cleaning out closets :: eating too much Halloween candy :: getting out the sweaters :: leaving the shades up, because it's hard enough to get up on cold mornings when it's dark :: doing bits of holiday shopping here and there :: growing new spider plants from some very prolific older spider plants :: wondering why the "Christmas cactus" always blooms at Halloween :: also wondering what is eating the pumpkin on the front porch :: wishing the chickens would lay eggs a bit longer, but they seem to be done for the year :: making window clings (I found them at Target) :: starting our grateful chain :: turning the clocks back :: getting used to early darkness:...maybe.

Happy November!

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