Wednesday, November 5, 2014

a six-year-old's book pile

Some of the books that Rose and I have been reading....some for Bookshark K and some just because.....

We just finished reading Johnny Appleseed, The Story of a Legend for Bookshark K. This is a wonderful book! I was sad to see that it is out of print,  because this book is definitely one of Rose's favorites from this Core so far. We read it over three days and we both loved it. Great story, inspiring man, loads of adventure, and beautiful pictures. We will be re-reading this one for sure!


Also for Bookshark K, we have been reading through The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh. This has been so much fun to read again! Bookshark schedules half a chapter per day, but we always finish a story each day, just because we want to find out what happens. I am always struck by just how funny these stories are. I am sure many of the little jokes go right over Rose's head, but I always appreciate a book that appeals to adults just as much as kids! A true classic.

Rose and I have been reading the Little House series for about a year or so, a chapter at bedtime each night. We are now up to Little Town on the Prairie . I had originally planned to stop reading this series before we hit The Long Winter, thinking the later books would be better read when she is a bit older. But she insisted on continuing, which is fine, I just have to do some on-the-fly editing here and there as I read. The Long Winter had some parts in it that I thought might bother her because she tends to be a bit sensitive, and some parts of Little Town have been a bit wordy and uninteresting to her so I condense it a bit,  but overall we are both really loving this series.

Finally, just for fun, we are squeezing in reading from Roverandom when we can. Did you even know Tolkien had written a book for younger kids? The librarian at our library was pretty surprised when we checked it out. I had to request it from interlibrary loan.  It's a story about a pet dog who gets changed into a toy, and then changed into an almost- dog who has lots of adventures and then....well I'm not sure exactly what happens next, we are still reading it. It can be a bit wordy in places, so I usually read it for only 15 minutes or so at a time, but it is a great little adventure story.

That's it for Rose's bookpile, though I forgot to add that she has been reading Pinocchio with Dad, a very old illustrated copy we picked up...somewhere.  She asked to read it after we read some excerpts from it in Writing with Ease. I suspect we will be adding some Thanksgiving books to her pile soon. And next week maybe I will post someone else's book pile, because this was fun!

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