Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The National Mythology & National Latin Exams

Last year, all three of our older kids did the National Mythology Exam and they really enjoyed it. Well, James got a little mad when he didn't get a medal, but overall it was a very positive experience. Grace earned a bronze medal and Christopher, a silver. Grace is determined to do better this year and is anxious to sign up, so this week I am planning to get the forms filled out and mailed in.  I think just Christopher and Grace will be doing the NME this year, James is not interested. Also this year, Grace is going to try the National Latin Exam, which will be new for us. 

There is a ton of  information about the National Mythology Exam  on the Excellence Through Classics website.  ETC welcomes homeschooler participation, you just do the exam at home and then mail it in. Registration forms can be printed from their website and mailed in.  It looks like the deadline for registering for the next exam is January 15th, 2015, and then the exam is administered in late February or early March.  We received the results for our last NME in May. I have posts about prepping for the National Mythology Exam here and here.
There are different requirements for the NME, depending on the student's age. Both Grace and Christopher are in the grades 6 and up category this year, which means they need to take the basic 30 question test, plus an additional 10 questions on this year's theme (Theseus),  plus at least one other 10 question sub- test of their choice. 

The ETC website has a very complete bibliography for the NME, which makes it very easy to prepare for the exam. They also mail the bibliography to you after they receive your registration.  The bibliography tells you exactly what pages to focus on for the basic exam, the theme, and the sub-tests. Christopher is not sure which sub-test he will do yet, but Grace is going to do The Iliad.

Last year, I did not buy any of the preparatory materials ETC sells. I did offer to get the prep packet this year, but both kids declined, saying they would rather just read the books and quiz each other. Fine by me!

New to us this year is the National Latin Exam. Grace is going to try the "Intro to Latin" level. I suspect she could do "Latin 1", but she was intimidated by the online syllabus and felt more comfortable with the intro level. The NLE is to be administered around the same time as the NME and it also welcomes homeschooler participation .They do ask that someone other than the main Latin teacher give the exam, but they state that this can be the non-homeschooling parent, so Dad is going to administer it. I just had to list him as "principal" on the registration form. He kind of got a kick out of that!

On the NLE website there is a complete syllabus that includes what will be covered at each exam level, plus lots of practice questions and past exams to look at.  They also have a link to an online practice app, which I think Grace will find very helpful.

I think preparing for these exams will be a fun addition to our fall and winter studies!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I need to get at least Cyrus signed up for the NME.


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