Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tea Time

We really like tea around here. I have a mug every morning with breakfast, usually Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast. Then sometime around 10:30 every school morning, everyone makes up a mug of their choice. I usually have a mug of green tea, the kids choose from an overflowing basket of options I keep in a cupboard near the stove. Their current favorites are Trader Joe's Harvest Blend or a pumpkin spice blend I picked up at a local market. Rose almost always wants straight up black pekoe (decaf, of course). In the winter they all like peppermint tea. I do sugar in my breakfast tea, otherwise I drink it plain.... after letting it steep for way longer than the directions say. It is never strong enough for  me, even when I use loose tea.  The kids like a little bit of demerara sugar and milk in theirs, sometimes honey. I usually sip mine while reading aloud to someone who is drinking theirs. It is a very cozy thing. The best part of my morning, I think.

Weekends, we have our tea sometime around 3 in the afternoon, with a treat if someone thought to pick something up when we were out earlier, or if Grace baked something. As it gets colder I will most likely make this 3 pm tea time a daily thing.

I do miss the summer, but I am glad to be back on tea time, too.

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  1. Funny - we've been drinking a lot more tea around here too! The kids love a vanilla spice Chai I picked up, or one of the "holiday" teas I have stashed away from Trader Joe's. I start my days with coffee, but then move into tea (usually decaf or herbal unless I need a pick me up). Yesterday we had a cinnamon-apple-spice poetry tea time, and it was great! I love this season for tea... and soup.


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