Friday, October 31, 2014

October, in and out again

Is it really already the last day of October?  Halloween already! I love having a six-year-old at Halloween, she is so excited about today. She really, really wants to bob for apples...I think because they do it in It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and most of her Halloween picture books. So we will be doing that this morning. I think her brothers will be happy to join her.  I also plan to do picture study for the first time all year... we have been slacking off in that department. We will be looking at this Grandma Moses print, very appropriate and fun for today! I wanted to do our picture study earlier in the week, but the printer was not cooperating in printing out a copy for everyone. Technology really drives me bonkers some days. Most days, actually.

What else? I think we will watch The Great Pumpkin again, because we only watched it once and really that just isn't enough. Today that is definitely more important than math lessons. Rose and I read a big stack of Halloween picture books yesterday. I hope she still wants to read them next Halloween. We made some witch hat cookies and brooms yesterday. Lots of fun, and very easy. Today we need to make some more treats to take along to a Halloween party, but I am not sure yet what they will be. Something with candy corn, most likely! After the party we will eat a quick dinner before heading out to trick-or-treat, all except Grace, who wants to stay home and get ready for NaNoWriMo. She is very excited about that this year. Christopher is going to do it too, but he isn't giving up trick-or-treating for it.  I am a little jealous, actually. Maybe I will NaNoWriMo next year. James and Christopher both have beards as part of their costume this year. I warned them about beards, but they really wanted them. They wore them to a party last weekend and realized why I had warned them. They are itchy. But they are going to see it through and wear their costumes as planned.

My favorite part of Halloween is when trick-or-treating is over and we are back home and the kids have candy spread all over the living room and hopefully everyone is happy and on a bit of a sugar high. I like the getting ready and the walking around in the dark with flashlights too, but I am always a little relieved to get back and get warm and eat chocolate. We always buy some for ourselves, because it is pretty disappointing on Halloween when everyone except you has candy!

I feel pretty happy with the progress made on our October list. The only thing we didn't do is make cider donuts, but we did eat lots of cider donuts that other people made. So maybe that counts. And there is still November. I am going to make a "November fun list" too.

Happy Halloween!!

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