Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Musings

For the week of October 27th...


Plans for the week ahead

It's Halloween week! Rose is super excited, so hopefully everything will go off without a hitch. We had a family Halloween party over the weekend to kick things off, and this week we are carving pumpkins, making some fun treats, heading to a Halloween party with friends, and of course trick-or-treating. And funny enough, our week is starting off with dentist appointments for all four kids. Get the teeth cleaned before loading them up with sugar, I say. 

Thinking about

Fall cleaning. Every year I say I want to really clean the house top to bottom before the holidays and then I never do. This year, I am really trying though. If I can just get in 30 minutes or so a day of deep cleaning I should be able to hit most of it. The problem is that there are many, many days when finding even 30 minutes seems impossible. I am almost done the first room though, so there is hope. And I really love the feel of a perfectly clean, decluttered room. Naturally, it immediately starts getting messy again, but it gives me ambition to do the next room.

Homeschool notes

 Grace is starting her last week of Sonlight's Core F this week, so later in the week I will have her help me set up for Bookshark World History 1. I am determined to start doing our picture study again this week. I was all set to do it last week, but then the printer starting getting all funky and refusing to print photos. If I can get that fixed, we are going to be doing a Halloween print by Grandma Moses. More about how we do picture study here.

Out of doors

It looks like there is a chance of snow for Halloween, and I am really hoping that does not come through. We have had our share of delayed Halloweens, including one with no power for days. So we can wait for snow until after Halloween, and preferably after Thanksgiving, thank you very much. It has been fairly mild lately and I could almost be lulled into thinking winter will forget to come, but not quite. I am starting to stock up on gloves and boots for those that need them.

In the kitchen

I picked up some things to make witch hat cookies and candy corn Rice Krispy treats for our pumpkin carving night. I was going to link the candy corn treats, but I couldn't find one that was basic enough. I don't use food coloring or cut the bars into candy corn shapes. I just make regular Rice Krispy treats with the cereal and marshmallows and mix in some candy corn. It sounds weird, but it is really good, if you like candy corn. I am trying to come up with some more crockpot recipes everyone likes, because I am getting sick of making the same old chili and chicken tacos again and again. Though both are very good! This week, we are going to try lentil sloppy joes.

Watching & reading

I am reading Under the Dome. We tried watching the television version, but we just couldn't get into it. The book is pretty good though. I hadn't read Stephen King for ages, and wasn't really sure I could get into it again, but so far I am enjoying it. The book is long though (over 1,000 pages!), so I am going to be reading it for a long time. With the kids we watched Night at the Museum and the sequel. I was afraid they might be too much for Rose, but she adored both. Without the kids, we have been watching Sherlock season one.

Halloween crafting

We did a couple of things from our October Fun List last week. The girls and I made luminaries-these turned out so cute! We pretty much followed the instructions on that blog exactly. I did use glaze spray as recommended, that was probably my least favorite part, because man does that stuff stink! But it did give the jars a nice and shiny protective coat. We put tea lights inside and have been lighting them at dinnertime...

And Rose made footprint witches, which I think are so cute. I wish I had found these when the older kids were young! She had a blast getting her feet painted and she drew in the details herself after they dried. 

 Hope you have a great week!

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