Saturday, October 4, 2014

Creative Urges, Again

I have not been feeling very creative in some time, like pretty much all summer. But something about fall makes me want to make things. I have some yarn again and I am working on a hat off and on (mostly off). Rose wants me to make her a new scarf, which I will happily do because it is so quick to  make a scarf for a six year old! Especially when you use bulky yarn and big needles.

Aside from the knitting, we made a bench for the yard!

I am pretty excited about this, because I have wanted a bench for years, but any time I found one I liked it was out of our budget. So dear husband made one with Rose's help. They report that it was quite easy to build - it took only a couple of hours- and the materials cost well under $100.  My job was choosing the paint and painting it, with Rose's help, that girl loves painting. The color is Behr's "Lagoon". It is brighter than I thought it would be, but I am pretty happy with it.

 I saw this bench over at Amanda's blog first. We did not manage to make three of them like she did, but I would really like another one to use as a porch swing. Maybe in the spring? The plans for the bench are here.

After walking around the yard a few times debating, we settled on this little spot not too far from the front door..

Unfortunately it has rained pretty much every day since we set our bench out in the yard! But I am looking forward to having a lovely little spot to sit and do our read-alouds on a nice fall day....once the sun comes out again that is!


  1. Love it!! We made some benches a few years back and they now sit down by our fire pit. Love them. Love that you painted yours, and the color is beautiful :)

  2. By the fire pit was our runner-up choice, but I wanted to wait till we had one for each side:).


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