Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Musings

Plans for the week ahead

I think we are finally settling into a comfortable routine with our homeschooling and extracurriculars. I am slowly figuring out things like how much time we need to get ready in the morning without rushing, how much time to allow to get ready to go out, and how to fit housework and cooking in here and there. Now that we are getting in the swing of things, we are entering a solid month where every week our routine will be messed up by appointments.  We have four physicals, two orthodontist appointments, four dental checkups, an allergy testing, and a frenectomy scheduled over the next four weeks. Funny how that happens!

Thinking about

Fall planning. I had a bucket list for summer, why not for fall? In fact, I am thinking of making a bucket list every month. I am in the mood to do more fun, seasonal stuff. 

Homeschool notes

Things are going pretty well! Rose is flying through Bookshark K because she doesn't want to stop reading. I have started padding it out with other books to make it last longer. James and I will finish reading Walk the World's Rim this week and he will read Pocahontas and the Strangers to himself. Christopher is now studying Africa for Sonlight Core F. This week we will start reading Journey to Jo'Burg. And Grace is entering week 32 of the same Core which means it is time to start thinking about Bookshark World History Part 1 for her. Thankfully, I have been able to pick up a lot of the necessary books from used bookstores over the last few months.

Out of doors

Pool days are officially over. The leaves are turning more every day. But it is still usually nice enough to read outdoors in the late morning, which we have been trying to do as often as possible. I like to take a big blanket and a stack of books out with Rose when it's her turn to work with me. The older kids like to do their reading on the swingset or in a chair parked by the chicken coop. I will miss these days when we are all stuck inside this winter!

In the kitchen

 I was in fall mode this weekend, so we made pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin bars. Grace made a pretty good spaghetti carbonara last week and we made pasta puttanesca over the weekend. Lots of carbs, which are really not the best thing for me! I am hoping to go apple picking this weekend so we can make an apple crisp.

Watching & reading

We watched IMAX: Deep Sea with the kids, which was really fun (Netflix has it). We also watched Rio 2, but I can't say I really enjoyed that one! Without the kids we watched The Silver Linings Playbook. It was okay, but I think the book was a lot better. I have been reading The Long Winter with Rose and let me tell you-the title pretty much says it all! It is not exactly making me long for snow!

And a photo from last week....

Our cat, in her favorite spot, the old rocking chair on the back sunporch. She has not been too happy about the cooler weather-but she is out there first thing when the room warms up in the afternoon!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. We made pumpkin muffins -- just felt right at this time of year. I'm glad your kids are enjoying their studies, and I agree... it seems every time we get into a comfortable routine, a million and one things come along to disrupt it!

    Have a good week!


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