Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bookshark's Timeline Book: A Review

Rose added her first sticker to her new Timeline Book this week, after we read about the Vikings in Living Long Ago (click here for a little review of that book).   My older three all have the Timeline Book from Sonlight, while Rose has the one from Bookshark, but all of the books are identical.  Both programs use the same Timeline Book for several years, so this is a one-time investment per child. With my first three, I put off buying the Timeline Book for a couple of years to save money, but I am sorry that I did. I wish they had had their books right from the beginning. So this time around, I made sure that Rose had one right away.

 Here is her Timeline Book...

 The book has a nice, heavy, spiral binding so that it will open flat. The front and back covers are laminated. My older two have had their books for two years and they still look brand new, despite being hauled out once or twice a week to work on them. I am very happy with the way these are holding up. The spiral binding has not started to pull out at all, which we have had happen to many of our other books.

 Inside, the book is divided into two sections: "B.C." and "A.D.". The "B.C." pages are shaded in a darker color, which makes it easy to flip to the right section.

The date range is listed in the top corner of each page and then the rest of the page is blank, except for the timeline!

I really love the stickers that go along with each Bookshark/Sonlight level. They are black and white, so kids can color them if they like.  The stickers are all together on one sheet, you just find the one you need, color, and cut it out.....

 Rose was very happy to color her sticker and place it in the right spot.

The sticker sheets can fit into a pocket at the back of the Timeline Book for handy keeping.

This first level does not have as many timeline stickers as the later levels do, but I love that kids can start their books at age five or six and still be adding to it six years later. It is a very worthwhile investment and will make a nice keepsake.

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  1. Thanks for this! I;ve been looking for a review on the timeline book. We have just started Bookshark's K level. :)


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