Thursday, August 14, 2014

Eighth Grade Plans

My eighth grade plans are the last in the line-up. If you are interested, you can also see my plans for my first-grader, my fourth-grader, and my sixth grader.

Grace has a good deal of overlap with her brother as always, since they have been sharing Sonlight Cores for a few years.

Grade 8 Curriculum 

Literature & History


Language Arts




Analytical Grammar Set | Main photo (Cover)



She requested "high school level science" this year, starting with biology, so our line-up includes:

  • Miller-Levine Biology - I ordered the textbook, Lab Manual A, and the teacher's lab manual from Pearson. There is also an interactive ibook version of the textbook, which last I checked was only about $15, so we may add that in.

  • Source readings- She is going to do source readings as suggested in The Well-Trained Mind. I had her look through the list in the book and choose a few. I doubt she will get through all of them-some look like tough reading! She chose De Rarum Natura (Lucretius), Natural History (Pliny), Origin of Species (Darwin), and Silent Spring (Rachel Carson).




Critical Thinking Book One    Critical Thinking Book Two


Grace is really into foreign languages and wanted to add Greek this year. I am not sure how that will go, as she also wants to continue Latin and Spanish.We are starting with a gentle introduction to the Greek alphabet, plus continuing with the next levels of the Latin and Spanish programs she did last year.


Art, Music, Etc.

I think that's it! We are planning to start up on Monday and I will hopefully do a post at some point over the year on each of the programs we are using.

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  1. It looks like a great line-up! My 8th grader also wants high school level science, so he'll be using Hewitt's Conceptual Physics.


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