Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Started: Zaner-Bloser 1

Rose is my child who is always itching for something to do. She loves doing her schoolwork and always wants to do more. But I have three other kids to teach too, so sometimes she needs something she can do  independently. I need to find some more things she can do by herself to keep her busy. She started her new handwriting book today, which doesn't count as entirely independent work because she needs help with the explanations, but I can usually help someone else at the same time, so it's a start.

She is working on Zaner-Bloser Grade 1.

 She did several pages today because the book starts out very slowly. The first pages ask the child to write their name, some letters they know, and their age....

 Then she got to circle the letters in her name, she got a kick out of that. The ZB books are very colorful and user-friendly...

 I especially love the green dots that show her where to put her pencil each time! She has trouble remembering where to start letters, and I think those will be a big help....

There are also red dots that will show her where to stop letters. This is the next page she will do.

And here is the facing page, where vertical lines are explained. She will be tracing lines down the sides of the colorful houses before beginning her "l's".

I will also be having her do copywork from Writing With Ease Level 1,  but not until she starts copying words and sentences in her handwriting book. That won't be for awhile yet, but here's a sneak peek...

I jotted a note to myself in the upper-right corner to start WWE at roughly this point in the handwriting book. I want her to be comfortable writing words and short sentences before we begin.

Zaner-Bloser is the top handwriting recommendation from The Well-Trained Mind, though I don't seem to hear much about it outside of that book. I really like these handwriting books and the only downside I have found to them is that they are only available from Zaner-Bloser and you usually need to pay shipping. I have seen some complaints that they do not contain enough practice, but they seem just right to me. I would rather have her spend more time on fewer letters and words than get tired and do a whole page of messy words. 

 I also reviewed Zaner-Bloser here

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