Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sixth Grade Plans

I think I finally have my sixth grade plans for Christopher together! There will be quite a bit of overlap between his curriculum and his older sister's, but  hers will be posted separately later on.

Grade 6 Curriculum

Literature & History



Language Arts



Analytical Grammar Set | Main photo (Cover)


He will be doing logic-stage science WTM-style this year. I haven't worked out every detail, but we will be starting with Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method, then doing science kits per interest. I'll post more info later.

Math 6 Teaching Textbook

  • Life of Fred Mineshaft, Fractions, and Decimals & Percents (or whatever he can get through)



Critical Thinking Book One    Critical Thinking Book Two


  • Latin for Children A- he finished Lively Latin 1 last year, but I think a year to solidify and review would be helpful, so we are starting with Level A rather than B.

  • Rosetta Stone Spanish-we dropped this towards the end of last year because he was getting too frustrated by it. We will pick it back up if he is able. 

Art, Music, Etc.

And I think that's it!!

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