Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Musings

For the week of July 7th....

On Tap for the Week

Riding day camp for Rose, a riding lesson for Grace, archery for Christopher, and rock climbing with Dad for all. Plus a dentist appointment, shopping for outfits for a family wedding, starting to get ready for our beach trip, a library visit, and maybe camping in the backyard, which we did not get to do last week. It's also the cat's birthday, so the kids say she  needs a small gift.

Thinking About....

Lots of things, this week. Organizing our vacation week and the last minute wedding to-do's, hoping Rose is okay being away from home every day (it's her first time doing a day camp), and all kinds of other little things. Unfortunately, I reached the last week of my planner last week so I have nowhere to write everything down. I have a new one on order, but in the meantime I am using just a piece of paper to plan on and feeling pretty lost! I am definitely a paper-planner sort of person.

Outside My Window

Rose is getting perfect weather for camp this week. Not too hot, not too rainy. We had a ton of rain over the holiday, along with a couple of power outages, so a nice dry week feels welcome.

I am giving up on my potato plants. They are so overrun with pests that they are unmanageable. I pulled up five of them over the weekend. The leaves are a mess but the potatoes underneath are great, so I plan to just pull up five plants a week and use the new potatoes. And next year, I really can't see planting more potatoes! They are really, really good, but I can't handle all the beetle-picking!

Homeschool Notes 

I have a couple of items arriving this week and then I will be able to start Rightstart B with Rose. I decided not to upgrade to the new version and am just going to use my falling-apart one. But I did decide to buy the pre-printed appendix pages, the Yellow is the Sun book, and a new geoboard, since ours was broken. I will do a post once I get everything organized. I am going to try to make it as open and go as possible by gathering materials ahead of time and copying anything that needs copying. 

In Our Kitchen
 I need to cook rhubarb stuff this week: it is taking over the garden. I am thinking of making a bunch of rhubarb syrup and freezing it.  I usually just chop and freeze extra rhubarb, but then I don't end up making anything with it. I think syrup has a better chance of getting used-we can put it on pancakes and ice cream, both of which we probably eat way too much of. 

Watching & Reading 

We watched  IMAX Solarmax this week with the kids and The Lives of Others without them. Both were very good. I finished reading Atonement and am now reading All the Light We Cannot See.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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