Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Twenty Things I Want to Do This Summer

Rose doing some floating last summer:)

 A random list of things I want to do this summer, in no particular order.....
  1. Go to Six Flags to use our Read to Succeed Tickets.
  2. Participate in the library reading program, if the kids want to. But go to the library every week or two, regardless. Read Rose's stack to her, outside on a blanket (or in the hammock!).
  3. Finish organizing the garage.
  4. Paint the master bedroom. We have lived in this house for 15 years and it hasn't even had a single coat of paint!
  5. Get a new mattress. Because pretty soon ours will be old enough to legally drink. And my back hurts every morning.
  6. Sit down and really plan out our next year of homeschooling.
  7. Clean out the school room/library. I would really like to create a more useable desk/computer area for the kids to use.
  8. Make jam. From rhubarb, strawberries, and blueberries. I am waiting anxiously for the pick-your-own strawberry farms to open!
  9. Make a big master list of field trip ideas and other fun things to do all year. Sometimes we are a bit stuck for inspiration.
  10. Learn to grill.
  11. Work some more on photo organizing.
  12. Buy The Magic of Reality and read it aloud with the kids. We had it checked out from the library, but we really need to own it if we are going to get through it.
  13. Take two weeks of vacation-one will be a combo wedding & beach trip and one will be a  "staycation".
  14. Summer activities for the kids...Rose is doing a horseback riding camp, Grace will continue weekly riding lessons, Christopher will probably continue archery, and I am trying to find something for James to do. They will all continue rock climbing weekly at the gym as well.
  15. Go bowling.
  16. Use the fire pit a lot. Camp, at least in the backyard.
  17. Sign the kids up for
  18. Figure out a sane schedule for fall. Everyone is going to continue with their usual activities, but I would really like to get James into something new. Rose was invited to join gymnastics pre-team,  so we will have more evening activities than usual. It's going to make dinner a bit difficult, but I am determined to find a way to make everything work. 
  19. Go out for ice cream. A lot!
  20. Use the pool as much as possible, try to head to the lake every week. 
I would love to hear what you have on your summer wish list!

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  1. I love this list! And now I feel better about the unpainted walls in my bedroom... only 7 years ;)


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