Friday, June 6, 2014

Some Things We've Finished

I thought it might be fun to post some things we have finished up for the year. The kids get very excited when they finish a level or a book. I do, too! First up, Rose finished Getty-Dubay Handwriting Level A! Here she is doing her last page, a review of some letters learned previously.

She did awesome with this book and went through it much faster than her siblings did. I gave her a choice of continuing with Level B or switching to Zaner-Bloser like her brothers. She chose ZB and will start soon with Level 1. 

Also, Rose and I finished the Magic School Bus Back in Time with the Dinosaurs Kit, which I reviewed here. She painted a shoebox for her paper dinosaurs to live in. The kit came with stickers to put on the walls and cardboard plants to dress things up. She is very pleased with her new little playset!

 The last part of the kit involved putting together a model of T-Rex.... which interested her for oh, maybe five minutes before she was overcome with an urgent need to play outdoors. Grace and I ended up finishing it. I think the model is a bit out of the age-range recommended for this kit, unless a a child is really good at such things and has a lot of patience! The pieces break easily (I did break one) and the whole thing really needs to be super-glued to be able to stand up properly. Still, it will make a pretty neat room decoration.

We enjoyed the kit and I think we will use more Magic School Bus kits in the future.

Till next time!

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