Friday, June 20, 2014

Signing Up for DIY. Org

One of my goals this summer is to encourage the kids to spend time learning some new skills and trying some new things. My children aren't always the greatest at amusing themselves during long stretches of heat.... more downtime can equal boredom (followed by driving mom bonkers). I am a fan of kids being bored here and there, but sometimes they need a little nudge to get them engaged in something other than squabbling and staring at the wall. Enter DIY.Org!

I am not sure how I went this long without hearing about this site, but the kids and I are pretty excited about it. In a nutshell: kids pick a skill they want to master from one of many categories on the website. Say they choose "chef". They then choose from several "challenges" such as making a dessert, cooking for a party of six or more, or making noodles from scratch. There is a very wide range of skill levels and options within the challenges. 

After they complete the challenge they upload a picture of their project, along with a description if they wish. After completing three challenges, they will earn a badge which is displayed on their online portfolio. You can also buy patches for each skill on the website. I am not sure yet if we will buy the patches or not, but they look really great.

Grace and James spent a long time debating which badges to go for first. Grace decided on Astronomy and has been busy making a model of the solar system. James decided on Lego Master. For his first project he made a Lego vehicle....

Hopefully, this will stick and give the kids something to work on in those idle moments here and there. I kind of wish I wasn't too old to do it myself!

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