Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Musings

On Tap for the Week

Hopefully feeling better! I came down with a nasty head/chest cold/fever type thing over the weekend and spent most of Sunday lying around or sleeping. Which was nice, in a way, but I would rather feel up to being out and about! Other than that, we have a couple of weekend birthday parties planned, our wedding anniversary (16 years!), and hopefully lots of outdoor time, in addition to our usual round of activities.

Outside My Window

 We are still in a sun/cloud/rain cycle that seems to repeat itself many times over the course of the day. Those sunny moments are just wonderful, though. I still don't feel like I have made up for the long winter,  because even though I know it is not the healthiest thing to do, I just want to sit out in the sun!


We had our first "all garden" salad last week, with baby endive, baby beet greens, green and red lettuce, and radishes. The radishes are doing so well this year! They love all this cool wet, weather. 

Homeschool Notes 

My educational plans for the boys and Rose have been turned in, just barely at the deadline, along with work samples for the boys. Grace is in a different school district and I have heard nothing from them yet. I think my plans for next year are finally all set-though I do think there will be some tweaking here and there. My biggest question right now is whether to use Bookshark's version of Sonlight Core G or just use Sonlight as planned. It looks like the Bookshark version will be out over the summer, so I am inclined to wait and check it out first.

In Our Kitchen

The  BLT salad my boys made for "kids' cook" night was a big hit.  The kiddos made up this week's menu with their Dad instead of me, so I actually have no clue what we are cooking this week!

Watching & Reading 

I finished Sarah's Key and started Invisible. Not exactly top-quality literature, I am afraid, but sometimes you just need some light reading. Rose and I just started reading On the Banks of Plum Creek. We have a little deal going where we take turns picking the bedtime book. Otherwise, she wants me to read a lot of Magic Treehouse and Disney-fairy type books. I don't mind an occasional one of those, but I much prefer reading aloud good literature.

And a photo....we saw this beautiful bird while hiking during our vacation and still need to figure out what  he is. He looks very much like the herons we have here, but without the long neck...if you have an idea, I'd love to hear it. I tried looking him up on various sites, but I got a bit overwhelmed.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Kim, could he have been a Great Blue Heron with his neck not extended? Here's a link for a picture of one with neck folded: and another for the neck extended:
    He's beautiful, whatever he is! And Happy Anniversary!

  2. Yes, I think he must have been just that! I had no idea they could have their necks anything BUT extended and have always just seen them with the long necks. Very cool! Thanks!!


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