Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday Musings

For the week of June 30th...

On Tap for the Week

 It's the last day of June! Already, it seems like the summer is whizzing by. This week, plans include a trip to the lake, a couple of appointments, shopping for 4th of July shirts (red, white, and blue) and new bathing suits, hopefully some bowling, a cookout and fireworks, signing up for the library reading program, and maybe camping in the backyard if the weather cooperates.

Thinking About....

Summer. I have my summer list and am doing fairly well on it, but the next few weeks are quite busy with summer camp, a family wedding, and vacation. I don't want July to slip away unnoticed, so I am going to try to be very intentional about how we spend our time. 

Outside My Window

It looks like a perfect, sunny, summer week, but I am hoping for some rain one day. My garden needs it. I need it too. One or two rainy days a week are perfect in my opinion, everyone gets a little extra rest, plus I don't feel so guilty about trying to squeeze in a few lessons!


The weeds are taking over and it really needs watering, but it's growing anyway. I have a ton of endive I must find some use for. We have used most of our garlic scapes-for pesto and for garlic bread. I will miss them.

Homeschool Notes 

I have handwriting books on the way, so my next decision is math for Rose. I think I am going to change my original plans and go with Rightstart B for her. I really, really like those first couple levels of Rightstart and I do not think she is ready for the amount of writing involved with the Math Mammoth worksheets. If we can swing it, I might upgrade to the newer version, because our book is literally falling apart (and I believe missing some pages).

In Our Kitchen

We have been using our new smoker a lot on the weekends. It is kind of like an outdoor crockpot-set it and pretty much forget dinner until it's time to make side-dishes. Christopher and James made enchiladas for their cooking night last week, this week Grace is making tacos. They like Mexican food, these kids.

Watching & Reading 

We watched The Lego Movie this weekend, which I think is such a fun film! We also watched (and very much enjoyed) IMAX Island of the Sharks, which we got from Netflix.

And a Photo From Last Week...touching sting rays during a trip to the aquarium....

Hope you have a wonderful week....

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  1. I love the stingrays at our aquarium! We can get shrimp to feed them. It's exorbitantly priced, of course, but the kids enjoy it. Glad your garden is growing :)


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