Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bookshark Level K Box Day

I got my first Bookshark order last week! This post is a little peek into Bookshark's
Level K History with Reading. I did not need to buy the whole reading package because I already owned a significant number of the books. I ordered all of the books that I did not already own directly from Bookshark. Their prices were fairly competitive- in some cases Amazon and Rainbow Resource were a bit cheaper -but I decided to send more business BookShark's way and order everything from them this year.

First up, the binder I ordered to hold my new Instructor's Guide. It's just as huge as Sonlight's, but gray and navy instead of bright blue.....

 Inside, you have the same weekly tabs as always...36 of them. The Instructor's Guide came shrink-wrapped separately, so I loaded everything behind the correct tabs, which took just a few minutes....

A closeup of the upper right corner of the instructor guide. Even though this level is labeled "K", the recommended age range is 5-7. We are using it for first grade this year. 

 If you are just using the history & reading guides, without the language arts or science guides, you may find your binder has a lot of empty space, like mine! I plan to print out a few things ahead of time (maybe the weekly Writing with Ease sheets) to tuck behind the tabs. I spend too much time copying things each day, so I would like to get in the habit of doing more ahead.

And here's a look at one of the inside pages (week 2). It looks pretty sparse without the Bible assignments on top, but I love that it has just the things we need...

The weekly schedule page is followed by two pages of notes. This is where you will find the discussion questions for the read-alouds, craft and activity ideas, and map and timeline assignments.

I pulled together the books from our box day, our science books for the year, and our language arts- it made quite an impressive pile!

But it somehow all fit neatly on her shelf....

So she is ready to go! I was not planning on starting with her right away but she begged, so I let her:). My other kids certainly do not beg to "do school" so I figure I may as well indulge the one who does! We are only doing the "Core" along with our phonics and math right now. Later in the summer we will add in language arts and science.

Photos from our Bookshark American History 1 box day coming soon! If you want to see our full first grade plans, they are here.

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