Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Review of Wordly Wise 3000

Grace and Christopher have been using Wordly Wise 3000 this year, as scheduled in Sonlight's Core F. I was a bit skeptical about using this program, as I am really no fan of workbooks or busy work....however, I did feel like some vocabulary work would be beneficial to them at this point.

I did make a mistake when I ordered the program, because I ordered Book 5 for both kids. The level is right on target for Christopher (11) but too easy for Grace (13). When they finish, I plan to have Christopher do Book 6 and bump Grace all the way up to Book 8. There are twelve books in the series. The kids generally do a page 2-3 times a week. Each page takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. 

So here's a peek inside Wordly Wise 3000 Book 5....(please excuse the distracting vegetable-patterned tablecloth!).....

There are 20 lessons in this book.  Each lesson is split into five sections. At the beginning of each lesson you will find a list of the words the lesson covers, along with their definitions and a sentence showing how the word can be used....

After reading through the definitions, you complete the "Finding Meanings" activity, where you choose two phrases that together correctly use one of the vocab words. I let my kids "cheat" by drawing lines to match the phrases rather than writing out the sentences....

Next up is "Just the Right Word"where you edit sentences by replacing a phrase with one of the vocabulary words. For example, instead of saying "It has been shown to be true that the sun is about five billion years old", you could say "It has been proven to be true that the sun is about five billion years old"....

Following this exercise is a page on applying meanings. This is one of my favorite features of the program because it makes the kids think a little outside the box!

An example: Which of the following can be flimsy?
                     (A.) an aroma (B.) an excuse  (C.) a shelter (D.) a task

Obviously, in this case there is more than one answer!

A word box is included on each double spread, so kids don't have to flip back and forth (unless they don't remember a definition!).

Next up is the "Word Study" page which is generally an activity involving homophones, synonyms, antonyms, or Latin roots....

The last part of each lesson is the "Passage". This is a 1-2 page essay that includes the vocabulary words from the lesson. This particular level includes essays on the first Thanksgiving, dinosaurs, flying planes, crocodiles, and more. There is a wide variety, and the kids have found most of them interesting.

 Following the passage are a series of questions which the child is asked to answer in a complete sentence,  using a vocabulary word whenever possible. I confess that I don't ask the kids to do this, we just go over the questions orally, though I think I will start asking them to use a vocab word in their answer.

The lesson wraps up with a "Fun & Fascinating Facts" section. These always relate to the vocab words and include things like....

 "Vertical and horizontal are antonyms. In a crossword puzzle the horizontal answers must fit perfectly with the vertical answers."


 "A pendant is something that hangs from a chain around a person's neck. This word comes from the Latin pendere, which means "to hang". Suspend comes from the same Latin root."

Every four lessons, previous vocabulary is reviewed cross-word style....

The back of the book includes a master list of all vocab words covered and the lesson they can be found in.

Overall, I really like this program. We still do vocabulary by discussing words as they come up in our readings, but these books are a nice, easy supplement. I do think the kids' vocabulary has increased from using them. Even though I got a level that was too easy for Grace, I have been noticing that she uses bigger words in her speech and writing. The words the kids learn really seem to "stick" and they never complain about using this book, which is always a plus!


  1. Hello Kim.. Thank you for sharing your review on Wordly Wise 3000.. I was all over the internet trying to find ways on how to solve the Finding Meaning section of the book. I love how you incorporate pictures into your review. You are terrific and thank you again for sharing. neat work!

  2. You are very welcome, I'm glad you found it helpful!

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  5. Hey I'm new here and where can u search to pick different lessons and I'm not sure which book I'm having so u can contact me and I'll send u a snapshot of what my Wordly wise looks like message me on Instagram at KALENAXIONG12

  6. How can you select the lessons?


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