Friday, May 30, 2014

Supplements for Core D

A list of some "extra" ideas to go along with Sonlight's Core D for my fourth grader next fall...

**My Fourth Grade Extras List**

Extra Reading

Sonlight has a lot of historical fiction. Luckily, we like historical fiction around here, but I also want to read some books that aren't necessarily linked to the history period we are studying. These are a few of the titles that I hope to read with him.

    Math Fun

    • Math Mammoth Games - Each chapter of our Math Mammoth curriculum includes links to lots of online games that go with the concepts introduced in that chapter. When we get to a new chapter, I email him the list and he plays a few each week. 
    • Mathtacular Levels 3 & 4- Fun, if a bit corny, math videos that are great for review and reinforcement.
    • Moneywise Kids game. I am also debating Family Math and plan to check it out from the library this week to review at home.

      History Extras

      Core D is all about American History, so there are a ton of fun supplements, but I limited this list to things we already own.
    • Liberty Kids and/or The Story of Us, both available on Netflix. I am also collecting a list of other documentaries that might be good to watch. He loves documentaries!

    • Coloring Pages- These might be good to have on hand for those long read-aloud sessions (or for little sis!).

    • And the best supplement of all....trips to historic sites! We live in New England, so we can easily visit many early American history sites in person!
    Also, it doesn't fit into any of the above categories, but I would like to start doing Mad-Libs again regularly.  They are such a fun, painless way to practice the parts of speech and it is one of those things everyone misses doing.

     Okay, on to finish up planning for the older two...with a post to come soon!


    1. I love Mad Libs too! What ones do you suggest? Some of them can be a little too adult in theme.

    2. Right now we have Ad Libs, Christmas, Ninja, and Star Wars. I need to get more! I don't know how old your kids are, but the junior ones are also good. We have Summer Fun and Upside Down from that set and they are easier for the younger set to participate in (probably 6/7 and under).


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